Monday, January 31, 2011

my favourite room

i have been meaning to do this post for a few weeks but once again time seems to slip right through my fingers. anyhow i am snatching a few minutes before i head out to my night fill job, as i realise now i need to squeeze every minute for what it is worth. over a year ago my handy hubby built in our garage and created another room which we have called the family room. i love this room because it is decorated and furnished to our taste. we still have light fittings to change, window treatments to decide on and flooring to finish but i think the photos show the direction we have headed in.
this cream leather lounge faces a gorgeous white flat screen TV
our two tub chairs face the road and this is our favourite spot for our daily cuppas.
the best thing about the furnishings is the price. the lamp was thrifted for $25 and the gorgeous mirror that my hubby got me was $15 from the same thrift shop.
i have a girl friend who is kindly going to make some roman blinds for the windows when we decide on what colour fabric we want and i will pop on some frosted contact on the clear panels on the door. hubby has convinced me to let him polish the concrete floor, i secretly think it will go perfectly with the room but i wont let him know that...
and down the track i can imagine a fancy but small chandelier as the main light instead of the existing fluros.
there are other parts to this room but i will have to show you another time and i have a secret idea for a big bare part of one wall...just need the money to fulfill that dream.
i guess i best go, take out the bins, get the children washed, homework done and fed before i have to go to work :) (squeezing every second i tell ya)
back with some birthday pics as my lili turned 9 on the weekend

Sunday, January 16, 2011

after the floods....

since the wall of water hit my home town of toowoomba on the 10th of January, i have been watching the rolling coverage of the floods every spare second and am brought to tears nearly every time... the devastation is phenomenal and hard for me to grasp. my mind feels muddy and i literally have to tell myself to turn the TV off so that i can get some work done. my gorgeous hubby managed to tag along with my brother in law and their band of merry men to go and help out a mate in the suburb of rocklea. mick spent the whole day on the gurney cleaning the heavy, silty mud off the walls and he said to see the devastation first hand in mind numbing. the man they helped has lost every single thing. they literally guttered the whole house so that it is now a shell ready for new plaster, doors, cupboards etc... and he is just one person out of over 20000homes...this will take years to recover from.
anyhow, we took a walk down to our local river that is situated a suburb from our home and took some photos of the carnage left from this torrent of water that flowed through. it was so high that it covered the train tracks and major bridge that takes us over the pine river.
a shelter shed littered with trees and posts, imagine how high the water must have been to leave those posts on top of the roof!a tree uprooted and dragged along.
the debris in the tall reaches of this tree gives us and idea of the height
some of the marks on the column holding the bridge showing us the height of the water, further along the track the water went over.
major damage to this stretch of road...we use this every day when going to our jobs.
this toilet block brings new meaning to the term 'water closet'
amazing photos, would have been great to have photos of the water at its peak but i was one of the law abiding citizens who stayed off the road @_@
as the clean up continues i pray that they find survivors in the Lockyer valley and that people can get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible. my girls have started in earnest to clear out all of the toys, dvds, books and clothes they think some other girls would love and i will put together items for men and women. the director of Claudia's day care will take a bus load over to another day care that lost everything in the suburb of Belbowrie and is asking for any good quality items that can be spared. my girls love the thought of helping someone else their age to get a smile back on their face.
keep praying for those affected.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mother nature can be a real bitch!

i have no words to describe how i feel after watching my home town of toowoomba being ripped apart when a 3 metre wall of water rushed through parts of the CBD on the 10th of January. as i watched with tears streaming down my face i began to panic about my friends who work in the centre of town and those who i love that live there. thankfully all of those i love are safe. one friend said that part of her car was wrapped around a post but that she was safe and another friend is stranded in his home town of gatton away from his wife and daughter but they are all well. i am still very worried about friends who live in Murphy's creek which is at the bottom of the range and as yet still have no clue as to there safety. if you believe in the power of prayer please start praying now. xxrosey

Monday, January 3, 2011

a good laugh

please take the time to visit lindas blog, her latest blog had me laughing out loud. plus she is a very good friend of mine and the best little shabby shop owner ever. visit her here xxrosey