Friday, July 3, 2009

is she still a baby?

i guess i started this blog to start documenting my crafting adventures but have come to realise that this blog is so much more than that. not only is what i write here forever but it is a way for those friends who are not geographically close to me be able to watch our girls grow and keep up with the crazy life we lead. i started journals for each of my girls but saw huge gaps in entries and almost felt guilted into writing in them. this blog is different... because i can add photos and blog about all three girls at once, it is more appealing.
anyhow the reason for todays post is... our baby turns 3 today!! and that is the question mister moo asked me this morning, is she a baby? or is she a toddler? or is she something else? she is something else alright!! we refer to her as babygirl all the time and i guess she will always be our baby but what is the technical term for a 3 year old?? any ideas?? i would also like to know what nick names you have for your precious children.
all our birthdays start with a gathering on our bed with the presents handed out one by one.
here is the birthday girl ready for the first present. she is opening a cute little sylvanian families baby.(our little brambly hedge dolls live beside our bed)
then the next and largest present...
a mega blocks wagon filled with blocks, oh boy was she excited!! we bought a few more blocks to go with it so that she had some characters to play with. we gave her this wonderful children's but real video camera that takes photos too. i got it a few months ago when it was on sale for $50 what a bargain as i saw them in the shops yesterday for $150! she also got this lovely book from her godmother Miranda, thanks mir! she has already spent the money she received from mama and pa in toowoomba! a ball, push car and dvd had her more than satisfied. and this is the 'book' puff ball made for her baby sister. now to end this post with a few words about claudia...
  • your eyes are stunning!
  • we love your unique birthmark which we think is in the shape of a scotty dog.
  • you make us laugh all the time
  • you are a diva
  • you speak very well for a 3 year old
  • you like to sneak into our bed early in the morning for a extra special squeeze, you usually give us tiny kisses and tell us that you love us
  • you are very very pretty
  • you like sparkles in your hair every day
  • you still have one bottle of milk at night
  • you fight with your sisters but sometimes you can be so very peaceful and loving
  • you love any type of music
  • you love being naked :0)
  • you are loved so very much by all those around you especially your little family!
  • our nicknames for you are...fattyham or hammy

i will be back with more photos after we cut your cake with family and friends tomorrow afternoon.

mmwwaahh rosey/mummy


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the Hammy one!
I tell my kids they'll always be my baby!
I always am soooo emotion charged on Birthdays as I remember their birth-DAY!

Littliest gets:
Mad Cat
Booza...Because she was a Milk glutton!

Middle child Is
Miss moo

And my Boyis

I think it is funny how we all nick name our kids

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! She will still be "Baby" to you when she's 50!! My brother is now 36 and he's STILL Mum's "Baby" - much to his embarassment when she mentions it in public! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hmmm ... I'd probably refer to a 3 year old as a toddler - because they're usually 'toddling' off in search of mischief and mayhem! :0) Happy Birthday to your big baby girl! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Your girls are all absolutely adorable!!! (I love little Miss Curly Locks beautiful hair too!) Enjoy the celebrations!!
♥ Teresa

LissyLou said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Agapanthus said...

Happy Birthday my little Cherry Liqueur!!! wish I was there to have a piece of birthday cake with you... I hope one day you and I will have the biggest joint birthday bash anyone has ever seen. Until then, I love you to pieces. Please instruct your big sisters to give you hugs and kisses from me (mummy, please help with this). Your birthday present is only half bought so will be sending it to you soon. Still owe Dylan and Katie one too.

Ok, kisses to you all.

Anita xxx

Miranda said...

Lovely to see how Claudia spent her birthday.. lots of gifts and I love you guys traditionaly open pressies on your bed in the mornings.. Hammy looks already more grown up in these photos.:( but she is still your precious baby.. so i think it's ok to call her baby .. and "Hammy "one suits her too !! Love you all so much.. hugs and more hugs again for everyone.. xxx
Mir xx

CkmetroPhotos said...

happy birthday indeed - love the post rose, hope you guys had an awesoem time

Kerryanne English said...

Aawwwww... that Claudia is soooo cute. Happy Birthday sweetie.

Squeezy hugs and smooches for you,

Anonymous said...

Of course she will always be your baby. I still call my boy Baby, Babe, Mister, Smelly Boy. :D

Happy Birthday, sweet girlie! xoxo

Anonymous said...

well technically shes a toddler.but she will always be your baby.As is my 24 year old, lol. She doesnt like that to well though,hahah.Happy Birthday to her a little late.Wow the oldest looks like you.

urban craft said...

I like that blogs can evolve into some much more than it was originally set up to be. And I think that I will always be referring to my son as a baby no matter how old he is!