Saturday, July 25, 2009

when i grow up...

last weekend (seems like forever ago)i had the pleasure of helping out at lilly cottage and after you see the photos you will know what i want to be when i grow up :) this one is for the lavender lovers.
gorgeous hand made bags, there was a third bag here but it was sold before i got the chance to take a now lives in Sydney!
pretty birds that like to brighten up any area, they are made to hang and i gifted one of these to my sister when she visited from London. it must be quite exciting to know that your hand made product are all over this globe.
and look at this gorgeous stitchery isn't it just amazing!?! there are a few of these sweet hangings in the shop as well. now lets go through the front doors... lots of sweet accessories to make your kitchen pretty...don't you think you might be more likely to bake if you had a heart shaped mixing bowl? :)
more china cabinet fillers, i would be happy with anything in this display... there's even more contemporary pretties for your home... this children's plate set comes in a sweet case and was very reasonably priced, perfect for a that little princess in your life.
it really isn't like working at all. Linda's mum Jan let me be chief wrapper of all sales and i also fluffed and chatted the day away.
this little cottage is made up of two rooms and a front 'veranda' where all of this pretty stock is on display. the inner room is also filled with pretty things...
Linda stocks some of the most gorgeous 'bling' and she also makes some amazing denim and lace cuffs that really jazz up any outfit. and just in case you don't think there is anything for the boys.... here is a corner of BLUE delights just to entice you. this shop really is special and i know that i can always find something for everyone here.
i don't expect to be paid for these wonderful one off days of 'work' but as usual Jan gifted me with something i had my eye on, it is a lovely oil painting of a posy of violets and it reminds me of my grandmother Jane.
here it is on my bedroom wall, the photos don't really do this painting justice but you get the idea.
these two photos are taken outside to give you a better idea of what it looks like.
it makes my soul feel nourished when i look at it.. thank you Jan and Linda.
if you live locally this shop can be found out at old petrie town and is really a special place to visit. lilly cottage is open from Wednesday to Sunday (along with some other specialty shops) but the best day to go is Sunday when the rest of the market is open.
remember to click on the link to get a better look at the shop and click on any of the pictures to enlarge them so you can drool even more :)
so i guess it is pretty clear that when i grow up i want to work in lilly cottage or even better work alongside lilly cottage with the dream shop i have in my mind...come on lotto!!
have a great weekend...i bet you know where i am taking the kids tomorrow :)
mmwwaahh goldsworthy


babalisme said...

aaaaah...isn't it what every girl's dream job?? Love love the shop!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh thank you Miss Rosey, what a wonderful write up of my little cornere of the world, I may 'employ' you to do my press releases next. I am soooo lucky that I have you to come and play, you are so very special!
Biggest kiss noises Linda
p.s. new stock of quilts and china came on Fiday, something new for you to drool again

clare's craftroom said...

I could never work in a shop like that , I'd never take any pay home but I'd end up with a very pretty house !

bekimarie said...

What a dream job!
I agree with Clare though, i'd be spending more than i'd be earning.
Beki xxx

Christy said...

Very pretty shop! I like the first picture the best!

Anonymous said...

Love the shop as well.Love the first 2 pics.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It Must be so lovely to be Housed up in the cottage 'working".
Being surrounded by beautiful things.
I would love to visit oneday and go to the cottage and the markets....always sounds wonderful!

Debra W said...

Whenever I walk into a shop like the one that you talked about here, I feel as if I can take a deep breath and relax. So lovely and inviting!

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!