Thursday, October 30, 2008

holiday confusion

holiday confusion or evil mastermind trying to take over halloween?
is santa recruiting the easter bunny to slowly take over this pagan ritual?
this ghost seems to be laughing at santas threats, he knows that halloween will never be overthrown...
even these ladies cant help but gossip... wonder if they are talking about santas mental state?
i noticed that my hutch is becoming a little overcrowded and might need to be reorganised *^_^* oohh how i wish these ladies could do it for me, they would know exactly how things should look. it is a job that has been on my mind for quite some time. i need more hours in the night, so that i can do all the things i want to do but cant do with rugrats around. mick built my hutch while i was pregnant with lili and it holds all our precious 'treasures'. whenever i look at my hutch i feel safe, happy, love, home (all the warm fuzzy words you can think of) so i owe it to her to tidy her up. i will one day soon. promise.
ill be back tomorrow to show you the halloween cards i made for the girls teachers.
big kisses mmmwwwaahhh rosey


knitty bitty apparel said...

What a funny post Rosey!! Made me smile this a.m.!! But, I'd have to say I need more hours in the morning---I like to get up early before the kids get up and get some "quite" work done. I'm usually too tired to do anything once they finally get to bed ;-)

Miranda said...

Funny post Rosey.. I love your hutch.. it has so many stories to tell !
Love Mir x

Lori said...

hi:) what a cute post!!! i feel the same way when i look at my treasures...your user name caught my eye when i saw you on another blog...i really DO suck at sewing!!!