Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the mirror dont lie

i am having one of those 3 more sleeps i am heading up the hill to my home town toowoomba to attend my 20 year reunion and i feel fat, old and frumpy!! i have more wrinkles than my sister Melissa who is 9 years older than me...i have put on about 3 kgs since this time last year...i have been plucking black hairs out of moles on MY FACE!! (sorry if that disturbed you) ...i spent all of today looking for a shirt to wear and when i showed my purchase to my husband his only comment was which horse was i racing on (making reference to its silky material that i looks like a jockey's shirt) i know that i will have a great time and that everyone else has aged 20 years but i just wish i had the money and time to treat myself to a nice new outfit, streaks for my hair, an eyebrow wax and i just wish that i had started a beauty regime 20 years ago! i am going to try and get out for a spot of night shopping tomorrow as soon as i am able to get away from here. i will take my camera so that you can see which horse i am on :p xx wish me luck


bekimarie said...

You will look gorgeous sweetie!
I'll put a bet on that your horse will come in first 'hehe'!
Have a great time!
Beki xxx

clare's craftroom said...

I've put $5 on that you will look a winner !

sassypackrat said...

I'm in the same situation only it's my 25th reunion. Have a great time!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Maybe the mirror doesn't lie but I already know your self-perception does. You need to say to yourself that you're gorgeous because you are and pfffffft to your husband's comment. Hope you can give him some smart remark in return (uh, yes, but I can't see a stallion around here) - or something. If that works in English.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mabey spend the samll amount and get your eyebrows done....It makes a world of difference.
And once you are dolled up you will be rockin!

I went to an 21st the other week and it was same for me.
I even looked at Op shops for dressy outfits.

It stresses me out to go out,I am so used to being here on opur property.
Have fun sweets ,I know A ghood lovin girl like you will.

bubbachenille said...

I am feeling your exact pain! Maybe we are looking into the same mirror

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Rosey,
don't be so hard on yourself and you'll have a ball.
Ask your best friend about the shirt, not your dear husband.

Ah, look on the bright side, at least you can see those black hairs to pluck them out.

Hey, three kilo's in one year, is not too bad. I put on eighteen kilo's in six months, after breaking my leg and sitting on my touche.

i cant sew said...

thanks gals!!! you have lifted my spirits, just like i knew you would. xx

Swapna said...

Have a great time..

Miranda said...

Rosey you are a duffa !!! You look gorgeous in Satin tops ! They suit you !! And your blonde hair will shimmer and I can tidy your eyebrows at my place !! And You are so slim and have a lovely figure !! I love you !!! It will be an awesome night.. xx
20 years feels like yesterday.. can't wait to have drinkypoos with you !!
Mir xxx mmwwahhh xx

soggibottom said...

Who's the inner beauty that counts x x x