Sunday, September 7, 2008

meet pablo

i love days like today, no agenda, opening presents on the bed, bonser breakfast, treasure hunts for the kids, so much fun!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY not only to my husband but to all the gorgeous daddys out there.
mick scored well from the school fathers day stall and we also got him series two of frasier on dvd and a shirt for work. we then had pancakes and circles, which are one of our favourite breakfasts to have on the weekend, accompanied by two pots of tea...mmmmmm. we got together with my sisters and visited grandpa boris yesterday and gave him the borat dvd along with the mankini, he promises to wear it on christmas day:)
poppy jim was away this weekend, but we bought him a yellow rose to plant alongside his other beautiful roses.
on to the new man in my life, meet PABLOgod only knows what i am doing, but last night i lay all his feathered eyes out on the backdrop, then lined them with some sort of iron on backing and now they are firmly in place never to be moved again. i will stitch around them to make them stand out more but i was actually hoping for a more padded effect but obviously not the right product. if anyone is reading this that knows about applique please HELP!!!!!!!!!
there is still so much to do but sunday nights are school nights and my rules are school work on sunday, monday and tuesday nights and the rest of the week craft, blog, crap, cleaning, crap, cleaning you get the picture. i just dont know what to do for his crown. in my mind i want the top of his crown to be little heart shapes but do i use metallic thread, buttons, felt i guess i wont know till i do it. i will leave you with one last photo and the reason why we now have locks on the pantry!! love that bum. have a great week and i will blog in again real soon. thinking of you xx goldsworthy


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Wow, you have been a busy busy Rosey!! I love your doll and wouldn't you know I also have a thing for peacocks and have some designs in progress, great minds think alike don't you know!!! I can help you with your applique but what do you want to know?? It looks like you have done a wonderful job so far!!! I shall chat later, must iron school uniform for school uniform for choir concert tonight....would rather go to bed...kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

A Fanciful twist said...

Oh, Mister Pablo!! hee hee, love peacocks!!

Your family is adorable, and those buns made me laugh. We have a photo of me quite similar! So funnnyyyy!! xo, V (don't worry, it was taken when I was 3 or 4)

knitty bitty apparel said...

Hey there Rosey! I haven't been checking out any blogs for the past week or I'm trying to get caught up on what everyone is doing! I absolutely LOVE the doll---she is soo cute---I bet your girls just love her!! And, love the peacock! It's neat to see your sketch, then see the work actually done---good for you!! As for a sil---it's short for sister in law. So, she is my husband's sister ;-) And, I loved the bun pic---I have one with my daughter doing the dishes like that. Take care!

Miranda said...

Love your stories Rosey.. it makes me feel like I am there with you .. a part of your life.. :).. Love the peacock.. you are so clever... and love the photo of Claudia's cute bum in the pantry !! Gorgeous !!
Mir x