Saturday, September 13, 2008

weekend whinge or stitch and bitch?

i am going to start my first ever regular segment but am not sure whether to call it stitch and bitch or weekend whinge{:( i might need your help on this one. let me explain the concept and the need for such a weekly segment.
i am not complaining, i have a gorgeous husband who does a few things that help the smooth running of our organised chaos, and i have three adorable chickadees, but a woman has to bitch or we blow up! (i have it on good authority that it is true).
partners in crime lili lou, mia moo, and claudia boo!
the original partners in crime, mick with my dad boris. so it goes like this anytime over the weekend i can leave a post that contains nothing but me ranting and raving over the tiny things that slowly do my head in:) and the best bit is you can join in. leave a comment so that we can all stroke our chins and nod in agreement and perhaps even take a bit of solace in the fact that someone else lives in a similar domestic hell as we do!!
the bitch session starts friday night and ends sunday, so you have plenty of time to let off steam and perhaps we may even be able to help each other through the hard times... with a great cocktail recipe ;)
here goes my first tid bit - i hate it when just as my bum cheeks hit the toilet seat, one of my darling little offspring needs me and without any thought to my privacy yanks open the door standing there expecting me to help with whatever urgent mundane task, or simply to find out where i am. I AM HERE CLEARING MY BODY OF WASTE IF THATS ALL RIGHT WITH YOU!!!! i have heaps more but i will save them for later, remember i have tomorrow as well:)
before i go i will leave you with snippets of something i have started for baby alissa born yesterday morning. i think i will turn it into a rattling toy, dont ask me how:P you might have to click on them to enlarge them to see them better.
isnt she sweet?
might do a design on her dress.
if i was talented i would do a fabric dress as a feature but not feeling that confident...
remember let off your steam and leave your vote for the title of the segment. wish i was sharing a scotch with you right now... mmwah rosey


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Scotch?? Scotch?? I am a champagne girl myself but I might just have a little something for you. My whinge is oh soo many to choose from...but I hate it when my darling children find my hidden ( obviously not very well) lolly or chocolate stash I keep for sharing after they have gone to bed and I have to share!!!! Really I need something alone that is mine mine mine!! Luckily they can't blog (yet). Oh I have another one...only because it is annoying me right this minute...I hate it when men or women for that matter scream at the television when the football is flash..THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!! ( and I am talking about the neighbours!)
On that note ...kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Michelle said...

My vote is for Weekend Whinge because currently I am not stitching!!! SO here is my whinge... why is it that my husband gets to go fishing, motorbike riding and anything else he wants to do, kid free, and then thinks a fair swap it to let me go grocery shopping with one child instead of two??? Can you see the fairness in this???? Oh I love my children but I crave for a week of my old life when I could do what ever I pleased when ever I pleased with whom ever I pleased. I have heaps more too, but I will share them as the weekends go by.

agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

he he he michelle,i seem to be having that same argument right now but about mick being in the shed. his argument is that he is making something for me! but guess who is left to do everything else:( oh bye the way linda my fav champagne is asti riccadonna...mmmm

Miranda said...

Hi Rosey.. my bitch is.. when my "time of the month comes" I get even worse breakout in pimples on my chin !!! It makes me so selfconscious...
My second 'winge" is... I am too far away from you to have a SCOTCH with you !!!
Luv ya guts.. xx
Mir xx

knitty bitty apparel said...

Hummm....I'm not a scotch drinker either, but how I do love my cocktails!! And, I think my vote will go towards weekend whinge!! How funny!

hilde said...

Ah, just what I need, a post for my whinge: why does my husband has time for everything that includes machines and tractors even untill very late at night, not getting tired. But the rare evenings where he stayes at home he doesn't have the energy to give me a foot massage or to rub my pregnant belly! I'm 6 months now and he didn't even once felt the baby moving. I know, I know, men are never so very emotionally about pregnancies, but I AM! And he should know, because it's the fifth time!!! :(

DollsEtc said...

Thanks so much for visiting my very first blog and commenting. I love that doll too. I am new to this "blogging".

I love yours and I love a glass a wine (any wine) when I need to wind down.

Janet said...

I know it's past Sunday, but I'm always late for everything these days!

Make mine a Moscow Mule.

I hate how my husband gets to fit the kids in around everything else he has to / wants to do, yet I have to fit everything I want to / have to do around the kids. He wants to go out - just walk out the door. I want to go out - I spend the entire day cooking/cleaning/preparing and while I'm out I worry about the ironing/washing/daycare bags etc that await me on my return home. Arrrgh!

P.S. I've ended up here after seeing a comment you left on another blog. From one motherless mother to another, I salute you! (maybe we should start a club)