Friday, September 26, 2008


I AM NOT CLUCKY, I AM NOT CLUCKY... yesterday i spent 1 and a half hours holding, inhaling, crying over, kissing and praising little baby alyssa. wow what a gorgeous little girl, possibly cuter than my babies! the photo below shows how cute she is but it really doesnt do her justice. here she is after her cuddle with 'aunty rose'. sam and simon are handling parenthood very well. like all first time parents they are sleep deprived, emotional and realising with break neck speed that their life has changed forever. the one thing they certainly do have is support. mama kaye and pa are babysitting tonight so that they can head out to dinner and like simon said, his parents would be there in a heart beat if needed. they also have great siblings who would be more than happy to help. holding their baby made me feel so very good and i cant wait until the christening when mick and the girls can meet her too. yesterday was micks birthday, (i didnt plan my visit to toowoomba very well did i?) before i left we opened presents and had a nice breakfast. we got mick some new board shorts, a t-shirt and a dvd. oh and of course the new camera i am using to take these photos. he had a great day with the girls but he had a list as long as his arm about the amusing antics of fattyham (claudia). i might include some of them at the end. a birthday hug! at last i have been able to load the photo of alyssas rattle toy, sam loved it especially the fact that i had personalised it by stitching her name on the crown. she also LOVED the bunting that we bought from lilly cottage, it has brightened the room up as they havent really finished decorating it properly yet. the cot is so lovely, it belong to sam and tina when they were babies. simon painted it white and the bunting really sets it off. (thanks linda, the bunting smelt so pretty too)

click on the picture to get a ggod look at it.

and here is my dismal collection of fabrics. i showed mick wishthimbles collection (link on sidebar) and he almost fell over. i love my fabric box and i think it looks so nice with fabric inside it. it is so nice to have a handy husband. click on it to get a better look

finally i will leave you with a photo of our rascally ratbag that is sure to make you smile and a list of some of the things she did while i was away. got into the jar of Vegemite and gave herself a beard went missing in super cheap auto, mick found her in the CARPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

threw various items at the heads of her sisters

found a santa hat and paraded around like a goose... just to name a few.

thanks for listening to my ramblings and hope to talk to you all soon. big smooches mmmwwah rosey


Miranda said...

Clucky again Rosey ??? Ayssa is a very pretty baby.. I would be clucky too if I nursed her.. Be funny if you fell pregnant again !! Claudia is definately developing a funny cheeky personality ... I love her to bits !! Loving your Blog.. with the photos of your crafty creations ! Happy Birthday to Micky for yesteday too !! Love Mir .. mmwahh xx

knitty bitty apparel said...

WOW!!! The cabinet turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!

edward and lilly said...

Ha! I found the softie rattle. It's so cute, it's a shame you don't have time to make more! I like that it's personalised with her name.