Monday, May 31, 2010

move over autumn...

am i the only one who thinks that this year is flying by? i really and honestly cant believe that we are looking down the barrel of our 6th month of 2010. and i have said it before, i am far busier now that i am a stay at home mum than i was when i was working! what is with that??? if i could click my fingers and be in my dream job, then my life would be close to perfect but for now i must keep plodding along and keep our family afloat with love.
the weather is becoming cool with the past couple of days warranting a jumper all is still pleasant enough in the sun and on the odd occasion we like to get out and about on the shores of sandgate or shorncliffe.
yep, they are mine, all mine... #_#
staying at home allows me to be up at the school with the girls so much more and once again i was able to catch Mia at her assembly. i didn't take the camera with me but i took the video instead as mister wanted to see her perform. she had a good speaking bit and looked oh so cute in her farm girl outfit.
we have also been looking after my neighbours son before and after school while she completes her final year of teaching prac. and i am secretly falling in love with him...he is definitely a boy, so different to my girls but a delightful little fella. i feel my heart swell with pride as i watch him get a reward from his teacher and i place a light kiss on top of his head as i send him on his way to class. and i love the way he catches my eye in the afternoon and smiles with the comfort that i am there to pick him up. he told his mummy the other day that he loved coming to our place cause it was a 'nice home' better compliment than that. we only have one more day with him as her prac finishes tomorrow but there will be more to come later in the year :)
and i am starting winter off on the wrong foot..i have a cold!! my nose is dripping like a tap and i am not exaggerating...i am sure you have all experienced that sort of runny nose. my nose is red raw and i feel rather pathetic. nothing a day without children wont cure :) if only i was the type who could sleep during the day.
well i am off to have my cuppa and watch my weekly dose of silly desperate housewives.
stay warm


soggibottom said...

Rosey.... I hate to think it's your Winter... we have SUMMER Yipee ! :-)
At least if you have a cold you can snuggle up in the winter. All those beautiful babies to keep you company. He kind of cute isn't he............. x x x
Keep warm and get well soon X

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I had the drippy nose hose On Mothers day!!!
Our Temps are getting very wintery...Top of 7 through the day and the fire is running non stop for three weeks.
But To hear you talk about that little boy is so lovely.
To know that someone 9like you) cares so deeply for anothers child is heartwarming.
You know the whole saying of it takes a Village to raise a child,Sounds like that Little man and Mum are very lucky to have you as part of that Village.

And Yes boys are sooooo Different.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Rosey,
Oh yes, Mia does look sooo very cute!
I hope you're feeling better real soon. A sick Mummy is a yukky Mummy.
I'm sure that young man that visits your home twice daily will miss you and your gals happy household.
PS: thanks for becoming a follower!

nata_says_so said...

Those girls of yours are pure sunshine, I love the lot of em.

Hope you get better soon! :)


soggibottom said...

And we follow the beautiful faces on the other side of the world x x x

Darren From said...

ohhhh - thinking of you guys !!!