Saturday, May 1, 2010

please dont let it rain

tomorrow the 2nd of May marks the very first date of my very first market stall! i will be joining forces with my niece Renata,who is a talented young artist, at the petire markets, dayboro road petrie. our wonderful hand made wares will be on sale from 8-2pm. the prices of my handmade pretties ranges from $1.50 up to $32. there is something for everyone even the boys! what is for sale i hear you ask?...
  • fabric bunting
  • hand made gift cards and greeting cards
  • pretty pastel diva peg dolls
  • toy soldier peg dolls
  • chicks on sticks
  • heart garlands
  • lavender hearts
  • lavender birds
  • pastel chalkboards (recycled timber crafted by my mister and painted by me)
  • vintage avon perfume bottles
  • and a few other items scattered around.

so if you're looking for something to do, come and support local Aussie crafters and buy something hand made for mum this mother's day.

i will leave you with a few pictures of what is on offer.

heart garlands which can be strung anywhere to brighten any room

lavender hearts and birds to freshen your cupboards

not sure how to make it look more appealing but i guess i will have time on the morning to work on that.

these fellas are just a bit of fun...

hand made cards some with lovely sentiments inside others are blank .

now i havent left you much time to comment...if you have any tips or suggestions about spending the day at a market please leave me a message and i will try to read this in the morning.

wish me luck



I see the bridge! said...

Hi gorgeous girl, my big tip, relax and have fun...oh and of course take your thermos of coffee, you might like one or two during the day...and take your camera to share lots of pictures on this here lliks wonderful, you will be fantastic!
Kiss Noises ( see you there hopefully, germs depending)

nata_says_so said...

Oh wow! You've done so much while I was away! I hope my half of the stall won't look too shabby next to all these lovely items :)

I'm crossing fingers and toes about it not raining, and I'm hoping I'll actually sleep at some point tonight. See you there!


clare's craftroom said...

Have fun ! I know you will be a success , now I'm excited for you !

trixi said...

Have lots of fun! Your 'goodies' look great

Anonymous said...

Have fun and good luck, Rosey! I know you will blow them all away! :)


Casey said...

great set up! I hope it's not raining!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Looks gorgeous! I love the butterfly you have hung your hearts and birds on too!

Kerryanne English said...

I hope it was a very successful day for you Rosey.

My tips for markets is be friendly and be ready to have a chat with customers and as Lilly Linda suggests, make sure you have the thermos of coffee!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

soggibottom said...

Very best of luck Rosie.
With the time difference, it should be all over for you now. Hope everything went well. x x x

nata_says_so said...

Hi Market Buddy!

I was thinking, what if, for next time, we had a sign propped up in front of the table listing the sorts of items for sale? Or even had one of your paper buntings along the front of the table, with an item written on each flag?

Just an idea,

Jingle said...

I hope it went really well for you!