Thursday, July 8, 2010

my youngest is getting older

it is hard to believe that on the 3rd of July my little Claudia turned 4! she is the light and laughter of our home and loved to pieces by us all. i am so glad that i have taken this year off to be a stay at home mum, Claudia and i spend 3 whole days out of 7 together, alone, just us :) we exist so beautifully when we are at home, she sets up games while i do a chore then we play that game and the as she sets up the next game i do another chore...then she has a long colouring break cause that is her favourite way to pass the my mister moo had a great idea for a present that she would actually use.
first present...a new pencil case with new felt pens.
present number colouring book. isn't she a cutie!!
present number 3...
her own little table! and boy does she love it! her sisters love it too :)
money well spent!
we had a wonderful day, 15 young friends at a hungry jacks party followed by cake and family at our place. she was so lucky and received lots of lovely presents. she has a purse full of money thanks to some special people that live a little way away and from one that lives close by. she was even gifted this wonderful 'make your won tiara' before her birthday by a very close friend of ours.
excuse the messy face @_@
we are so blessed to know so many people who are not blood related that love my girls!
a few things about my little girl...
her nicknames are. hammy, hamster, smooch, Gloria
she is so very very bright
each day she does something to make us laugh out loud
she wakes us up early and crawls into the middle of our bed for a cuddle
she no longer has a bottle or uses a pram, she is a big girl now!
her favourite colour is yellow
she loves to talk to strangers and pat dogs
she has 4 scars, 3 of them are on her face!!
she has a birthmark on her cheek in the shape of a Scottie dog
she is so very pretty, my heart melts each time i look at her
i love her so much when i hold her i want to melt her back into my body
children are such a blessing, i do hope that i don't make too many mistake raising my 3 gorgeous gals.
have a great weekend


Julia said...

You are certainly on the right track for raising wonderfully independent grown up women. They are so beautiful. Happy Birthday to little miss 4 year old.

sassypackrat said...

How wonderful that you can be home! Years ago I arranged to have Monday's off for 6 months to have that day with my youngest child and it really was the best time I've ever had with her. At 18 now she still remembers our time together. Your girls will remember your special time too!
A big happy birthday to Claudia!

soggibottom said...

Hi Rosie.
It's always great to see your family.
They always look happy little souls. Give birthday girl a big hug from me. Time passes so quickly. You made the right choice to spend time with them. Can never turn back the years. :-) Hope your not too cold down there... :-)
lots of love X X X X

Kerryanne English said...

Three adorable and beautiful girls Rosey. Happy 4th birthday to sweet little Claudia - I think she will melt a few hearts before she finds here Prince. I think that is the perfect gift for a budding artist - her own creative space... she may need a journal of her art Rosey!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I think you just described my Daughter!!
She is such a doll Rosey! And it looks like she had a blast!
You are doing a great job....Just look how happy they are!
My Girl got that table from Santa but Dora!

thea said...

aw, they're all soo so cute together in their pink!