Tuesday, July 27, 2010

whats in your garden?

we are convinced that we have fairies in our garden...we know for a fact that they use our hollow log as a school cause they told us in one of their many notes they have left on our window sill. while i was out taking some pictures for my online shop i snapped a few of my Mia getting the rock garden in order for our special visitors. i was being sneaky, she didn't know i was taking these photos... making a rocky path to the hotel door. ooops. she caught me! i cant imagine how luxurious this hotel must seem to visiting fairies! isnt she sweet, how could any fairy refuse a room at this house??
before i go, we had a quiet day at the markets on Sunday. it seemed to rain softly the whole day which wasn't great for sales but we both went home in profit so for that i am thankful. Renata's work is wonderful. if you haven't visited her blog please do you wont be disappointed.
here is a shot of some of my items for sale. the two mixed media fairy canvases were bought by two of the cutest little girls. one with brown hair and one with red hair!! and of course a little girl who was told by her mother to come back and buy it later was sad when she came back to find it was gone...guess i will be making a few more of those :)
anyhow. best go and watch my Mia dance, she has been begging me since i hopped on here.


soggibottom said...

I am sure you have tiddley folk in your garden... we have them in ours
x x x

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

With such gorgeous girls to tend to the Fairies whims,What fairy would'nt want to live in your garden!??
Your Market stall looks so pretty and all your goodies so beautifully presented.

Kerryanne English said...

Ooooohhh... do I spy some napkin art canvases Rosey - well done. I love the dolly pegs too, how cute!!
Those fairies live in paradise, that's for sure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

babalisme said...

LOL, I love your spy photos and how you're not very good at spying. Thank God you're not with the CIA, :D.

And about Mia's curls, Rosey, I do like both version of her. but as a natural born straight I'd die to have those locking curls when I wake up.

Anonymous said...

I found you through 'A Fanciful Twist'...I love the sweet photos of the darling little girl...she is so sweet! Your artwork had a cozy, warm feeling about it...very lovely.
Keep creating!
Teresa in California
(P.S. I am constantly leaving posts at Vanessa's)