Thursday, February 10, 2011

belated birthday...bad mummy

here i am basically 2 weeks after my eldest daughter turned 9 to post about her celebrations...i feel like a bad mother but as she doesn't read this blog yet, she wont know the difference ~_~i love this picture!
lili began her birthday like every other birthday in the bonser house by opening her presents on our bed. we each gave her a gift; clothes, littlest pet shop Blythe doll and best of all her very own camera. this camera is better than mine!! the best part is that is has a fish eye function which has kept us entertained taking turns laughing at ourselves.
as an extra gift this year i gave lili a sweet little bird which i had originally bought myself for Christmas. this little bird was made by Laura of billyangel and is so sweet and goes well with lilis growing collection of handmade pretties. we are going to add to her collection when we visit the doll and bear show on the 2oth of Feb which just happens to be just down the road from us.
another tradition is that we head out to a restaurant, birthday girl/guy gets to choose of course.
we got all dolled up and headed to a local steak house. playground and ice cream after dinner, what could be better??
then to top off her birthday WEEKEND we gathered family and close friends to share cake....
my sister who has lived in London for many years kindly decorated the cake for me and hand made everything you see....
little bees... oh so sweet!
this little fairy was reaching into the pond, how amazing is that! and yes the pond was edible.
looks wonderful doesn't it?!?
my sister is keen to start her own decorating business so if you live local and need a cake let me know and i can get my sister to help you out. she has decorated dozens of wedding, christening and birthday cakes and never ceases to amaze me with her talents.
and i just love this picture of my dad with one of my best friends girls and my little Claudia. Hannah and Chloe are such great company, my girls just love being around them.
we had a wonderful celebration, and even though we couldn't afford to throw lili a birthday party with her school friends we certainly had a great time and very much a party atmosphere. my family are great, i miss my brother who is still missing from my life but hopefully he will find it in his heart to start to talk to me again and we can celebrate the next birthday as a whole family.
i love watching lili grow, people say it happens so fast but to me it is happening at just the right pace. she is looking more like a tween than a young girl. she stands in front of the mirror a little longer and checks her hair more than once. the clothes we bought were in the young girls section rather than the little girls section which she was very happy about. she still has that innocence, but she matures more each year. she is dependable and sensible and easy to talk to. i love that she still likes a cuddle in the morning. she like to collect things; smelly rubbers, old tins, bears and dolls, handmade pretties and much much more. i am loving this journey as a mum, watching her grow and supporting her every step of the way. i know i am not a perfect mum but what i do know is that i tell her i love her everyday, i hold her everyday and tell her that she is wonderful and special to me. and i know that she is going to be an exceptional young lady in the years to come.


bekimarie said...

Happy belated Birthday to the gorgeous girl, looks like she had an fabby time.
Thay, wow, wow, serious cake envy here!

Love and ((hugs))

B xxx

clare's craftroom said...

With a mum like you she is going to grow up into a fantastic young lady !

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What gorgeous Girls you have....Like their Mum!
And that cake! That Cake! AMazing!
I could never bring myself to cut it though1
The goldfish is so gorgeous!
I too hope your Brother and you are reunited and able to move onward and upward together.

Darren From said...

Sorry we missed it Rose looks like you had a wonderful time, much love and hugs - Darren, Sarena and Adelaide