Thursday, September 9, 2010

book week surprise win

it is hard to believe that another week is almost over, some days the sun goes up and down before i even know it!! i am still enjoying my relief teaching days but am yet to have two consecutive days in a row. that day off is always filled to the brim with things to do and still i find no time for crafting or is this possible???
anyhow this week was 'book week' at my girls school and on Wednesday they had to dress as a character from a book and if they were lucky enough they could win a certificate and a prize. i never go to any expense for these day and usually find something suitable in the dress up box or something from our cupboards. this is what we came up with and amazingly enough one of the girls won! can you guess who??
Mia was happy to go as Goldilocks and found a cute hand me down dress from the dress up box, popped her favourite teddy under her arm and carried a wooden spoon and bowl. i thought she looked super cute! lili went as Mr Pockets a character from one of the short listed books and look just a treat in mister moos over sized jacket and hat.
can you guess who won??
surprise surprise lili won!!! i was very surprised indeed. proves that spending NO MONEY can still get you somewhere :) she actually won the same thing when she was in prep and that was with a thrifted jacket from Linda. i think lili is very lucky and perhaps i should pop my lotto ticket under her pillow...
oh and i had to pop this photo in... ol' sour puss was very upset cause she wasn't involved in the day. she has to wait another year before she gets to go to big school and have such great days... isn't her sad face so cute? and before i go a big happy fathers day to all those wonderful dads and grandpas out there, hope you were treated well.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Well done! The kids love all that stuff too.
We had ours and I too spent nothing,My Boy went as Blackbeard the pirate! He looked a scream but he thought he looked wonderful:)

Mr moo looks very pleased with his girls,Looks they had a good Fathers day together

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh woohoo Lili! I do think they both look gorgeous! Poor Claudia, next year will be here in a flash don't you worry.
What a good book week Mummy you are!
Kiss Noises Linda

clare's craftroom said...

I love book week ! Great photos even when one little one was feeling a bit left out .

Agapanthus said...

Congratulations on winning first prize Care Bear, you and Pussicatti both looked wonderful for book week. I hope old Sour Puss got to dress up anyway. When I'm home we will have a fancy dress tea party. We can make lots of dainty cakes and dress as our favour characters from movies or books. Can't wait.

soggibottom said...

Kids and Dad, I would if I could give you all the brightest star in the sky. WELL DONE x x x

Kerryanne English said...

Sometimes it is no fun being the youngest... poor Claudia!! Such a cute photo though.

The girls looked wonderful for their book week dress up and well done to Lili for her win.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne