Monday, December 7, 2009

nothing says summer like a pool party!

gotta love a Queensland summer...actually i don't really love summer here in Queensland, it is far too hot and when the humidity rises it is actually unbearable however if you have a pool things don't seem so bad. we don't have a pool but installed air con last year so at least we can find some refuge on those hot hot days. i love air con and prefer it over a pool any day but through the eyes of a child my sisters place is a paradise made for them! narelle and mike added a pool a while ago and decided that their youngest was at an age this year where a pool party was possible (with constant adult supervision of course).
i of course made the fatal error of telling my children about the party the night before, so an agonisingly long day passed before it was time to join another 13 children for a fun afternoon of splashing, laughter and fooooood! a pool is the best party, no other games were needed as they spent the entire 2 hours in the pool and cut the cake as parents were arriving. the best part was my gorgeous niece Katie and her lovely friend Carly looking after my two youngest in the pool for me!
birthday girl Chelsea...not officially 9 until later this month but she wanted to get in before the school holidays began.
no party would be complete without jelly!
Katie did a wonderful job of layering these sweet treats which were enjoyed by....
you guessed it. hamster gobbled it up quick smart!
there was lots of fun to be had. (i have tried not to show children that i don't know)
Mia, Chelsea and Carly. Carly did a great job of caring for the less able swimmers.
my niece Katie having a cuddle with lili. she did a great job looking after Claudia for me when mick wasn't in the water.
lili, Katie and Emma having heaps of fun!
after the cake was cut and eaten...
( our eyes were bigger than our mouths but it was yummy)
they jumped back in the pool until their parents came to take them away....
i didn't think we could get Claudia out of the pool, she was having such a great time on her daddy's back!
we managed to get the girls out and went home happy, cool and satisfied...
of course we can go over any time party or no party :)
hope you can stay cool in this heat or warm if the case may be. i hope to be back to show you our christmas tree and all the trimmings around the house.
have a great week
%*_*% rosey


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic time had by all! I wish it was pool weather up here, we just had our first snowfall of the year! Brrrr! I'll live my summer vicariously through your blog then.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It Looks sooo much fun.
Even I love a frog in a pond jelly!
I wish we had a pool....Our summer is short but so hot when we get it

Miranda said...

Oh Rosey... I wish I wish I wish .. for my next home to have a pool !!!!!!!! I love pools ! Looks like so much fun xx
Love Mir xx

julia said...

As I sit here in my sweat shirt and jeans and still freezing!!! We had snow on Saturday!!! Brrr...... Send some sunshine across the seas!!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

I wish it were that warm... uh, at least during the summer here! :D

Kimberly said...

It is so jarring to remember that Christmas-time is not cold everywhere like it is where I live. This world is just amazing, isn't it!

I wish your family a Merry Christmas with lots of pool parties!

Casey said...

I am warming up just looking at these pictures! looks like a lot of fun