Monday, December 14, 2009

the tooth fairy makes a visit...

yes ladies and gentlemen, Mia is officially a 'big girl' as she lost her first tooth 2 days ago!! i just love how children think...lili is waiting until she is 8 and a half to move into the spare room by herself, cause she will be more mature by then :) anyhow before all the excitement of the tooth fairy visit we had more important business to attend to. i have struck up a friendship with our lovely neighbour across the road and recently she looked after my girls for a few hours while i went to my staff party. anyhow while i was away she cooked the tastiest curry for my family so that i wouldn't have to cook dinner that night!! we had been trying to organise a time to share a meal but this time of year seems to be so hard to find time for anything so i promised to bake a cake for her 2 year olds birthday. we decided to go with a fairy theme and invited them over on Friday for afternoon tea... we have made a few fairy cakes in our house full of girls so we were armed and ready to make this special for little Jayana. the following photos show the making of the raspberry swirl fairy cake... start with the best packet mix cake ever..raspberry swirl cake (sorry to all of you gorgeous domestic goddesses out there gasping at the thought) top some marshmallows with those sparkly hard coush thingys while the fairies sit around waiting add some green coconut for grass and some sugar flowers and flakes for logs and you are ready to... to place the fairies on top, light the candles and have the cutest 2 year old on the block blow them out! she really is the prettiest little girl and her mother has become a good friend to me. it was lovely to share this special day with her and best of all each of the girls got to keep a little fairy as a keep sake.
fast forward a few days and after a long few weeks of wobbling Mia's tooth finally fell out. boy what a drama the last 10 minutes hindsight i should have taped the whole process, who knows i could have won $10 000 as it made me laugh my head off!
anyhow the photos tell the story, click on the tooth fairies letter and see if you believe her..
if you ask me i bet the fairy just plum forgot!!
i still have a vivid memory of when i realised the tooth fairy wasn't real...i hid under the dining room table and kept an eye on the glass that held my tooth...i watched as my step mother put a shiny 50cent piece in its place...i wonder how long it will be before my girls catch me?? i will try my hardest to hold that day off as long as i can!
anyhow looking forward to a lunch with my husband tomorrow, little one is at day care and the two older ones will be swimming the day away with 'aunty juls' perhaps the rest of the shopping will get done as well!
have a great week, mmmwwaaahhhh


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How cute does that cake look....
And I am envious I tell ya! A neighbour who will babysit cook a meal and provide a Playmate!...Ahhhhh.
And then Lunch out with hubby....My Hubby and i are out sat for the first time since xmas last year...wooo hoooo

julia said...

The cake is adorable. It is wonderful to have such a great neighbor!!! I love the toothfairy's note. Surely she didn't forget!!

LissyLou said...

That cake is gorgeous!! i love fairies, so i'd love one like that, even at my age!!

Miranda said...

Rosey .. the fairy cake looks magical !! What a wonderful mother you are creating such special childhood memories for your children.. and the toothfairy .. ! so special..
Enjoy this special time with Mr Moo.. and happy wedding anniversary !! xxx
have a cup of tea .. wink wink..
Love you lots and lots..
Mirrr xxxx
mmmwwaahh xxxxxx

Christy said...

Hope Mia never ever finds out that you're the tooth fairy! I love the cake and that little two year old is such a cutie!!!

kanishk said...

That cake is gorgeous!! i love fairies, so i'd love one like that, even at my age!!
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