Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bad blogger

please forgive me for my month long absence...i do believe that is the longest time i have been away since starting this blog!! i can only blame life for getting in the way and then Christmas had to come along and ruin everything :)
and to top things off my camera and computer don't want to play together so i cant even load any new photos to share with you!
so instead of up to date relevant photos i am forced to share pre Christmas shots...
the girls love to dress in the Christmas shirts and reindeer accessories each year and i cant wait to put them away...
cute!! this photo is so old mia is still in her school uniform! here they are dressed ready for their school concert
they also love to get crafty or bake something. this year i found a ready made cookie decorating set which they had fun putting their own festive touches to.
thanks to Tupperware for these nifty master chef type outfits Claudia loves anything crafty Mia taking great care to make her cookie look good lili has a real creative streak
during the lead up to Christmas my sister Anita came home from London FOR GOOD!! it was so lovely to have her home for her first Christmas in about 8 years.
my father Boris and my niece Renata waiting at the airport for...
Anita!!! here she is looking as beautiful as ever
and we celebrated my nephews 21st with some cake and dinner.
most of my family gathered here to celebrate.
well i best be off to celebrate some more. we are yet to see micks brother as they were away for Christmas so we are off for more food!!
hope to have some actual christmas photos soon and hope to be back to my normal self by the beginning of next year!!
big christmas kisses and new year hugs to you all.