Sunday, November 15, 2009

a close encounter with pixies...

we really do live in a magical place, not only do we have fairies in our garden, but a mere 5 minute drive takes us to the petrie markets where this can be found...
click on this to read the print
i wanted to treat the girls to a different experience and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. morning pixie played amazing tunes on his little flutes and greenleaf elf made gorgeous pretties with the girls and read them enchanted tales this lovely elf has such a wonderful nature and made my little ones feel safe and had them totally enchanted. each of our girls made a little 'wish catcher' which have been hung above the fairies that hang in our lounge room. i love this sneaky shot... if you get the chance head out to the petrie markets on the north side of Brisbane. the pixies can be found on Saturdays and of course our favourite shop Lilly cottage is open wed-sun and it is a magical place to visit too. and when we came home we found this wild flower which had bloomed in our little garden, the fairies have certainly been sprinkling their love everywhere!
now onto a sneak peek of some of what could be won in my give away... yes little miss lop sided babushka is looking for a new home and since she is looking a bit chrismassy i will add a few Christmas goodies too. and yes that is christmas bunting made by MMMEEEEE, you can choose one of those sets. i will also add them to my etsy shop, $15 for a set of 7 flags. (a cheap investment for something that should last forever)
i will be back in the next few days with the full scoop!
smooches for a great week ahead
%*_*% rosey


Maria-Thérèse said...

I want to go there tooooo!
It's not faaaaaaaaair!
I want to see the pixies toooooo!

*note to self: you are an adult*

*note to boring self: I DON'T CAAAAAAAARE!*

I have no idea what bunting is so I will skip off to your shop and have a look! ciao

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I felt sad that My Girls will not be at that Market!
It looks wonderful and how much magical fun is that?
LOve thebunting Rosey!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Wheres the bunting? Rosey can you email me how much Postage would be?
how long are the bunting and how deep each point?
Thanks luvvie!

Kerryanne English said...

What a magical and enchanting treat for the 3 girlies - I bet they had such fun and felt really special.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

babalisme said...

I have not been here for a few days, and I think I am missing out much fun!!

The girls sure will thank you forever for this!

julia said...

What a fun place. This reminds me of a place in New England where we took our grands. They had fairy houses all over the grounds of this museum. It was so much fun!

Miranda said...

Rosey your girls will grow up with such wonderful child hood memories !! You are an amazing mother !
Love Mir xx

Casey said...

that looks like such a fun outing for your kids :) and for you too.

btw, hubby is fine, his surgeon saw no infection so we just got his staples removed & got send home.