Monday, October 11, 2010

look whose had a facelift

no I haven't had a face lift but Coutts Cottage has. Lilly Cottage and Friends now takes up 2 of the 4 rooms and both verandahs and the new colour really highlights our shabby pretties. Despite the rain, we opened the doors to those brave enough to come out and had quite a reasonable trading day. i just love rainy days but this weather is seriously outrageous! the rain seems to have been non stop for at least 2 weeks with the past 3 days seeing record falls. i kept the girls home today (and our gorgeous neighbour) as the thought of heading out in that swirling rain was unimaginable. hope it has eased by Wednesday because i have to go to work, no ifs or buts!
anyhow i thought i better post some shots of the new look Coutts Cottage and some pretties to tantalise you.
here she is in all her cream glory, she is not quite finished yet mind you, i am not sure what the trim will be but anything will be an improvement on THAT apricot. the painters still have a way to go but you can see that apricot just disappearing... we usually have some items hanging but of course all of our nails and screws have been removed. looks a tad bare but still pretty. the windy rainy weather was a bit worrisome, we ended up putting this vase on the ground as we were worried the wind would blow it over. come inside and I'll show you a few pretties. cupcake anyone? some pretties for you to swoon over. my little flea market/bohemian style shelf looks super cute, just love my little owls...
especially this one Linda painted this pretty gal, just lovely don't you think?
there you have it, our little cottage coming together nicely. it certainly doesn't feel like work that's for sure.
hope you have a wonderful week, i will be trying to stay dry...quack quack!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It all looks so pretty and such a nice place to escape to.

Casey said...

it looks so pretty! I wish I could come out there

clare's craftroom said...

It's just beautiful !

Kerryanne English said...

Simply beautiful Rosey and I love the new paint job on Coutts Cottage.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

The Little Red Shop said...

What a lovely creative space!!!

: )

Julie M.

lexie said...

The cottage is looking awesome. I am hoping to get up there at some point soon!!

our shabby cottage said...

Absolutely gorgeous Rosey! Love it all, and your little thrifted and revamped little cabinet looks great!

babalisme said...

swoon swoon swoon

I wish I was born in such place and grew up there too!

Teje said...

Hello! Looks lovely! Full of wonderful and beautiful things!
I had enjoyable first visit to your blog! I go see the other one also.
Best wishes from Crete Teje