Tuesday, January 26, 2010

scary clown alert...look away now

it was my bright idea to have a 'trashy secret Santa' for the adults in our family. the rules were simple...nothing over $10 (the cheaper the better), trashy items that were to be displayed for 365 days in a prominent position and proof of trashy display on web blog/face book etc...
mick and i had a ball searching for our trashy gifts, laughing so hard that i nearly had an accident...some of the items we found in the thrift shop were just too bad to give to someone and after a long hard search we decided on a very poorly painted and rather large self portrait (artist unknown) and a china angel candle holder which was holding fake and very old flowers. that doesn't sound that bad except that the angel had one hand on one boob and the other on its head as if to say 'check me out'! happy with our purchases we gathered at my fathers house for a Christmas eve dinner. my niece Katie came up with the great idea of numbering each gift and then passing round the hat for us to pull out a matching number so as to get a present randomly. after much laughter and me holding the video camera i was one of the last to choose and had to pick...you guessed it a porcelain clown!!!
now i imagine that 99% of the population has a morbid fear, and rightfully so, of any type of clown especially clowns that could clatter down the hall in the middle of the night with their arms out wide ready to strangle you. well that is EXACTLY the type of clown i was left holding at the end of our trashy session @_@. after looking at all of the gifts that were received mick and i came to the realisation that the clown i was holding looked familiar and was in fact the exact same clown i put back as i thought it was too nasty to give to someone. yes my sister went shopping at the very same thrift shop that we went to! mick was gifted THE ugliest mirror in the world which is right behind me at this moment.
believe it or not this is actually a mirror! what the?
anyhow, not one to leave anyone out i have kindly uploaded some photos of ~ Mr Jangles ~ as he is affectionately known around here for you to enjoy.
here he is enjoying a jaunt in the garden
hanging around on the water tank.
while he stood there leaning on the watering can i started to lose my fear and actually had a thought...what if i took off his awful poly filled outfit? would he be as scary??
it worked, i can actually look at him and not feel that automatic gag and goose bump thing happening.
in fact he looks so cute Claudia has fallen in love with him.
she carried him around the room posing him in all sorts of places.
here he is on my favourite chair
smelling the roses
enjoying a spot of music
visiting the Eiffel tower...however not all of the kids are convinced of his new appeal...
lili reluctantly held him for this photo.
anyhow before you go i will leave you with one last image...
is he waving or is he coming to get you??
happy Australia day


Miranda said...

I think that Clown is very spooky Rosey !! why is it that Clowns are soooo scary !

bekimarie said...

Holy crap, so glad i'm reading this in the morning and not evening or i'd be going to bed and having nightmares.
I think he's just as spooky with his clothes off.

Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Christy said...

LOL, what a hilarious post! I think I'm gonna cuddle that clown too. Like Claudia I'm not scared of clowns! ;)

clare's craftroom said...

I love , love , love your trashy Santa idea , I think that is genius ! That is one creepy clown though .

sassypackrat said...

Bury it in the yard at midnight and pour concrete over it so it can't get out! Shudder.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Hahaaaaaa Thats too funny!
What an excellent idea.
I could pretty much regift anything given to me by my MIL seriously shes a shocker with what she buys!
As for the clown your baby nursing him and all she looks so adoring of the freaky lil red haired clown.
Clothes off was'nt really helping things much for me:)

babalisme said...

**Runs away**

He's coming to get me!!

Claudia is so brave!! My hats to her!!

Agapanthus said...

There is nothing adorable about a NAKED CLOWN. Seriously, as much as I fear clowns, seeing him naked gives him a much more sinister aura.

I pity you having him looking at you for the next 11 months. xx

urban craft said...

Oh, I never had a scary clown thing. But, with that doll, I kinda know why some people would. I always think of that huge clown doll that was in the Poltergeist movie. That kinda scared me but I think it was more the movie than the clown. Anyway, what a sweetie with her little clown baby. I love it!

julia said...

I love clowns!! I used to want to go to clown school!! Until that movie about the scary clown I never thought about them being scary. I even decorated my first daughter's nursery in a clown theme.

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

OHG....I HATE clowns and have a FEAR of them...saw one a few years ago at the mall and actually cried when he approached me...so not a good blog post for me to visit, but I did get a chuckle at the idea of the trashy santa....so sorry to be away for so long...been so busy with the kids and keeping up with orders...and well, you know....life. Glad to visit you today. Take CARE!!Stacey

Myko said...

LOL, this post was hilarious! I was laughing out loud this morning while reading it. My youngest, Ian, hates clowns too! I think they are creepy but he is scared of them.

Your girls are so adorable!:)

Unknown said...

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