Tuesday, February 9, 2010

very belated birthday (lots of photos)

i cant believe that over a week ago my eldest child turned 8 and i am only now just posting about it...slap my wrists, i feel like a very bad mother. i guess that it is only fair to remind myself that on the 29th of January, which is lilis birthday, we found out about the return of Paddy's cancer and the weekend and week that followed have been rather emotional to say the least. in the week following the news of Paddy's illness, i decided to start the process of resigning from my teaching position. i am finding the stress of teaching and being a mother to 3 young children just too much and i don't want my marriage to suffer. teaching is just such an emotionally draining job and is NOT a 8:30-3:00 job. and even though i am part time it is still like doing a full load. i will have to work again at some stage but for now i am happy to do something that requires no accountability!
now onto the post about my lili turning 8...can you believe it??
it feels like only yesterday when she was born only to be whisked away to special care unit for 2 nights of antibiotics and observation. i had told the nurses the choices of names we were tossing up and they brought back a photo of her with the words lily or lucy? at that moment mick walked in with a big bunch of lillies and the name was decided. so on her birthday (and i think from now on) i presented her with...
her very own bunch of lillies
as is tradition we all gather on our bed to open the presents, each family member presenting her with something.
opening her first present...a game for the Wii
a thrifted collection of miniatures to add to her growing collection
miniature German candle holders...very sweet and oh so collectible.
gorgeous Tasmanian pottery thrifted for $1
a lovely drawing created by little miss Mia moo.
lili's main present was to have her ears pierced. she chose pretty purple studs and she looks so very very sweet with them in.
another tradition in our house, as i am sure it is in many households, is that the birthday girl/boy gets to choose dinner for the night...no MacDonald's for this 8 year old oh no lili chose hogs breath cafe! mick and i didn't mind too much as it really is value for money and we quite like the meals (only our second time but it is worth going again). the girls ate all of their food and mick and i enjoyed a succulent steak.
mister moo and his girls on one side...
you can just see the earrings in this picture
enjoying the famous 'curly fries'
and clauds and me on the other side, enjoying a spot of colouring while waiting for dessert.
a very generous serve of ice cream...
we decided to share cake the next day with those who could make it...
i made a mud cake and just happened to have some fishy edibles in the cupboard so it became a muddy dam instead of the ocean :)
here she is with her cousins Kate and Emma
and the back view of my father and my brother in law Michael (father of the 3 girls in this picture)
i love birthdays and will always do everything in my power to make them special no matter what.
here are a few things to remind me of lili at 8 years of age...
*in her own room
*ears pierced
*friendly and kind hearted
*neat and tidy
*likes to help cook
*has a huge amount of friends but still like to have just a few close ones
*will open her own collectibles shop one day
*likes kisses and cuddles and told that she is special
*my very first baby that i will cherish forever and ever
I LOVE YOU LILI JANE (lilipop designs INC)
thanks for sticking through such a long post...
smooches and thank you for your prayers and support


Anonymous said...

Lovely memories Rosey! I love the lilly idea soooo sweet.I bet she put them in her room.Happy Birthday to her!

Christy said...

Happy (albeit belated) birthday to Lili! May all her dreams and birthday wishes come true!

P.S. YOu are an awesome mum!

soggibottom said...

Beautiful girls.
Never easy to have a full time job (what ever it is) and a full time family. As a Teacher you need a medal anyway.
lots of love

julia said...

What a beautiful Lily!!! I know what you mean about teaching. I did it for 33 years, but I didn't have to deal with anyone being sick at the same time.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Rosey,
Happy and Sad post here.
Lovely to read about Lili's Birthday and how much you cherish her.

I'm sooo glad you have resigned from your job as teacher.
I agree you have your hands full at the moment and I know how much you enjoyed your long service leave!
Sometimes it takes sadness to wake us up and put our perspectives right!
Take care,
Grande Hugs,

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday to Ms Lilli.
Enjoy your new full time job....being home!
Women are so the backbine of each family and it is a big responsibility eh?
Love the idea of the bunch of lillies

nata_says_so said...

What a beautiful birthday girl!

Guess what? on my birthday this year one of my girlfriends had a baby girl and guess what they've named it... Lily Jane!!! Just one letter different. Funny how things like that happen. It is a lovely name.


Myko said...

You are a wonderful Momma!:)

our shabby cottage said...

Happy belated birthday too Lily! Great pics Rosey. So sorry to hear about Paddy's. Thinking of you, Kathryn.

Miranda said...

I love this post Rosey.. Lili is soooo special xx
Love and cuddles..
Mir x

Doda said...

Thinking of you! Just been reading your blog...haven't visited for a wee while. Sorry to hear about Paddy!