Saturday, February 27, 2010

she CRACKS me up

well week 5 of the school term is now over which means another 5 to go before the Easter break. it is about now that illnesses start and tiredness sets in which is why i decided to keep the girls home from school on Thursday. Lili seems to have come down with a mild chest infection and Mia is just so damn tired and cranky that a day off was certainly in order. God seem to agree and made it rain all day, just a nice drizzly day good for staying in doors close to your comfy bed...
now Thursdays are typically quiet days for me and the diva, we walk the girls to school and then home to do some jobs and enjoy a relaxing day after 3 days of kindy...she usually has a nice little rest on her bed and some days if i am lucky a sleep. well this was the reality on Thursday....
little miss sick fast asleep in her bed
little miss overtired fast asleep in my bed
and old bugalugs WIDE awake after 2 hours of rest time on her bed! look at that smile..butter wouldn't melt...
Claudia really does keep us on our toes but she also seems to be our families source of entertainment. she came out of the lounge room after bath time looking like this...
and yes that stocking tail is held in by her...
BUM CHEEKS!!! this little monkey CRACKS us up
i had to look twice when she came towards me. she actually had the eye mask down and was roaring at me. i had to quickly grab the camera before the moment was lost. we have a feeling that one day she will win us lots of money of funniest home videos , if only we had the video camera out!!
anyhow back to show you some of my buys at the doll and bear show.


Maria-Thérèse said...

haahahaaa :D

I should do like your other two because I woke up after an hour's sleep tonight and suddenly had a very sore throat and shivered with cold :(

bekimarie said...

Now i'm thinking that's a great piccie to show future boyfriends 'hehe' or have it put on her 16th Birthday cake.
Beautiful photos but then it would be as they're such scrummy babies.
I'm all for letting them have the odd day off, you know as a Mum when they need a break.

Beki xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahh Haa haa....What a "crack " up!
Kids are really crazy though.
I know my three punks come out with lots a crazy things,Often so cute you want to bottle it!
I wish Though Mine would do bed rest when needed.
Not long til easter break though

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Rosey,
Oh, what a little miss. I think every family has one comedian, i'm just not sure which of my guys is the funniest!
Hey sweet of Kylie to send you such a lovely gift.
Ah yes, we as Mum's always feel guilty about something. I always need to clean house, and prepare a meal before painting or sewing. funny aren't we.

babalisme said...

LOL! This post make my day!!
Her belly! I love her pot belly!
Oh! you better take this off when she hits 15.. :D

Miranda said...

Oh my goodness.. how funny is Claudia !!! She is sooo cute.. I cant wait for hugs and cuddles ! xx
Love Mir