Tuesday, February 23, 2010

special soul

i began this blog a while ago now with the intention of having an online journal that i could look back over (and i do) to remind myself of how much my girls and life have changed. i have kept diaries for each of my girls as they grew in my womb and the months after. as you an well imagine lili has a staggering 3 diaries which sadly dies off to 1 for poor old Claudia (actually i don't even think she made 1)
i guess as technology changes so do we and i see this as better than those diaries in that it is more about our family as a whole rather than 1 particular child and their journey.
what i didn't expect when i started this blog was to make a true connection with other bloggers...i seem to have found a reliable 10 or so ladies that comment on a regular basis and in some ways i rely on them to make me feel good. it is like the old days of pen pals except on a grander scale :)
one such lady is Kylie 'cupcakes' who has a great down to earth blog called a bite of country cupcakes . if you aren't a follower you should do yourself a favour and become one. not only does she make the most amazing faux cupcakes and other sweet treats, she is a kind and generous soul. i have no doubt that if we lived closer our children would have many play dates while we chatted over cups of coffee. after our recent news about paddy and my decision to take a step back from teaching, Kylie sent me a lovely care package. very kind and generous indeed.
something for each of the girls, some you can eat and others you cant :)
a cuppie for me with a tag that says 'follow your heart' how thoughtful! and the violet, which holds such sentimental feelings for me, was painted by her mother. that is one talented family (you should see her sisters home!)
here's a closer look..it even smells good enough to eat!
but the words meant the most to me.... this is not the first time i have received a parcel from Kylie, i told you she was kind.
Kylie has recently gone through a rough patch herself. her mother in law had a fall and had to have surgery, after a long ordeal she is recovering but still needs our prayers for her strength. thanks again Kylie you are a doll!
another reason to smile was this
that's my Mia, grade 1, receiving her first award for the year on assembly in front of the whole school!
here she is with the other students.
the award is for neatness and handwriting skills! makes a mothers chest swell with pride.
here she is with lili. now if i had been working i would have missed this proud moment. yay for being a stay at home mum.
on that subject...it is funny how guilty i feel about staying at home. i know that when the money runs out and things get tight i will have to either do relief days or find some other job but at the moment it just doesnt feel right staying at home while the kids are at school. us women put too much pressure on ourselves to 'do it all'. i am seeing someone about my anxiety and it feels nice to have someone acknowledge my feelings and try to help me get through this tough time.
i almost feel like this blog and the comments i get are all the therapy i need!
ok enough from me. enjoy your week and thanks for your continued prayers for paddy. he is trying many different alternative potions and is having chemo, his spirits seem better this week and i believe our prayers are giving him strength.
%*_*% rosey


bubbachenille said...

Lovely post Rosey, There are many wonderful friends to be made out there in blog land !

soggibottom said...

Yeah, huh hum....cough cough....
me too x x x :-)

Linda Lilly C said...

What a lovely care package. Kylie Cupcakes is indeed a lovely lady.
Congratulations on your award MIss M and how lovely you were there to see it Rosey.
Gosh I like the word lovely, can't help it write it often when I am thinking of you all it seems.
Glad you are enjoying being Mum...and a crafty one at that.
Kiss Noises Linda

Casey said...

Awesome care package!

Don't feel guilty about staying home, you deserve some time to yourself. I think you should take as much time as you feel you need. And good for you on seeing someone, I know exactly how nerve racking it can be to make that step

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

Can you eat the hearts with flower petals on them? Are they chocolate? They'd be sooo hard to bite into even for a chocolate freak like me!

You seem to be doing really good things for yourself, sorting things out.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Dear Ms Rosey ,That was just so nice,I never imagined you would share with Blogland all that!
I really do Think of you so very often and do believe the same,We'd get along ,Our kids would get along and a friendship would ensure.
But You for now are one of my "faraway freinds"
MIL went into rehab last night so things are now moving along.
She is very fit for her age and as such it is showing in her recovery.
But Boy it has shaken her up and her mind seems affected abit.

You enjoy your time home love.
Your JOb there is very full and rewarding and no guilt.....There is a time and a season for all things.
Enjoy your season....xoxoxoxo
P.S Hope your girls did'nt eat the choccies....Only the lollipop was real LOL!

Miranda said...

Congratulations Mia ! and now you see Rosey.. you were meant be a stay home mum so that you can be a part of these special times with your beautiful girls...
My prayers and thoughts are still with Paddy and family.
Love you xx
Mir x

clare's craftroom said...

That does not surprise me in the least about Kylie she really is a kind and generous person . We are lucky she's here for us all . Take care xxxx

bekimarie said...

Well done Mia xxx

What a gorgeous package, that cupcake is just plain beautiful. I think I might want one ;)

Enjoy your time at home my lovely friend

Love and hugs
Beki xxx