Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh happy day!

this photo sums up how the past week has been... blurry! i have felt like a dog chasing its tail, trying to keep up with school work, cleaning mess from sick children, stitching and all of the other 'jobs' us mums do.
i would like to put last week behind me and start again beginning with this glorious Sunday which just happens to be mothers day. even though there is still a whole lot of phlegmy coughing and nose blowing there are no more asthma attacks, vomiting and goopey eyes. geesh i need a rest! mia had to have the whole week off as her eyes didnt want to clear, but she is right now and will have to endure a whole week back at school, how rude!
poor old miamoo conjunctivitis is such a hard illness as they are perfectly well other than this extremely contagious infection. she loved every minute of having to stay home for a whole week! still puffy and red after day 4!
anyhow moving on to more important business, i have finshed 5 babushka brooches and am now working on the kokeshi doll brooches. i really wanted to have them all done ready to take out to lilly cottage yesterday but the week that was put a halt on much of my stitching and running on less than 5 hours of sleep each day has really taken its toll. however i wish to have it all ready to take out next saturday.
crazy cat posing with one of the brooches.
each one has a different colour combo and design on the skirt.
i think it makes a bright statement, oh sew cute! (hope they sell)
now onto mothers day, i have a memory of being spolied last year but this year takes the cake! each present brought squeals of excitement from me and each present got better!
each present was wrapped in this lovely lavender paper...
here is some of my goodies, flowers from our garden, two cards (the babushka card was a gift from clare from clares craftroom, it was blank so that my girls could write in it! she is one thoughtful lady) a gorgous china cup, the funniest tv series i think i have ever watched and a voucher to...
go and spend $30 on fabric or other related craft! and i can do it for 5 hours on my own!!!
and my favourite present... another charm this time a cupcake :)
i love how personal this braclet is and i havent even chosen one thing yet.
of course after i open my presents i was presented with breakfast in bed but decided to join the rest at the table. what a lucky gal.
i also recieved my fair share of mothers day stall goodies that lili chose just for me. SPOILT
now i am off for a walk around the local park while the girls ride their bikes. really wish i didnt have to work tomorrow....
smooches rosey


Christy said...

wishing you a day filled with treats and happiness! happy mother's day rosey!

Eva said...

very cute little brooches! just wanted to say "hi" and thank you for leaving me all these sweet comments all the time! i really appreciate it! :D

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Happy Mother's day Rosey, I hope you had a lovely day.
Poor Mia, poor children, poor you!
No hurry for the brooches my lovely, they are looking wonderful!
You might need to wander to East Coast fabrics, they have some lovely new craft fabrics in for $7.99 a metre....pretty pretty. I am sure you will find a way to spend your five hours!
Kiss Noises Linda

bekimarie said...

Happy Mothers Day!
So pleased you're having a good day and what lovely presents. If anyone deserves it, you do hunni.
My eyes were watering just looking at your poor baby with the conjunctivitis, such a horrible thing to have.
Now, what do you mean, you hope your brooches will sell?
Of course they will sell, silly!
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

p.s hope next week is better for you x

bekimarie said...

Me again, I forgot to say how much I love your bracelet. I've never seen one like that before and the more charms you add the better it gets xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Agh! My eyes are a watering just looking at your little gals eyes!
Glad everyone is on the mend tho.
And how spoilt were you!
5 hours tho to spend $$$ on crafts...
Girl you'll be done in under an hour!!!
So many great goodies out there to be made into something fab!

Glad you had a happy day!

babalisme said...

oooohh poor little Mia, look at those eyes!! (Thank God the swettie is still smiling, phew!) hope she's getting better, and to all of you too!!

Happy mother's day!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day, and that you were truely spoilt.
Cheers Linda

The Vintage Rose said...

Glad your little one is better! Love the little doll brooch!

Kerryanne English said...

Perfect Mother's Day treats Rosey. Can't go past the garden picked flowers and homemade cards.
Hope you all have a happy and healthier week.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while - life here is a little hectic and 'blurry' too! Poor Mia! Hope she's fully recovered now. And your little babusha dollies look great! Very cute brooch idesa!! Happy creating - Bear Hugs! KRIS