Friday, May 1, 2009

what is the point?

we have two printers at the moment, one even has a scanner and photocopier built into it... but you guessed it neither of them work!! the problem is that my Pay It Forward parcels are ready to be wrapped and sent but i just need a few things off the printer first. the other technological genius is the wireless router which is sitting idle since spammers stole my identity and i have been too scared to hook it back up. i will have to wait until my computer whiz brother in law has time to come back over and assure me that all is fine and helps me hook it back up!
looks perfect but looks can be deceiving.
see the brand new wireless router, it is supposed to be allowing me hours of warm indoor pleasure but thanks to pirates of cyber space it is sitting around looking pretty.
so to jenny, beki and karen (bunny) your parcels are almost ready!! i so much want to show them to you but i also dont want to spoil the surprise. they look so nice all together it makes me want to hold a stall at the markets. i wonder if anyone would buy my stuff?? that is the gamble i suppose, would you make enough money to cover the cost of the stall itself? anyone have any suggestions or words of wisdom/support about holding a stall at the markets. one success story that i personally know is linda from lilly cottage, she started as a stall holder and now she has one of the most beautiful shops (in the same market place) where she sells all of her hand made beauties.
off to put the baby to bed and have a rest for once.


clare's craftroom said...

You'll never know how well you'll do until you try , the markets taht is . I think you would do very well but I am biased of course !

nata_says_so said...

Brother in law? Is there some deep family secret that's about to come out?
I will tell him what's happened and he'll get to you soon, he's had a crazy week at work, including a night where he worked from 7:30pm to 5am!!! I stayed up with him, it was nutty and we've both been a little groggy ever since.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh don't you just hate that !! I hate when one of my inks runs out ( I have a machine that has four inks) and then the thing won't print at all, even if it doesn't have to use that colour!!! That is just stupid! Who stole your identity? What, when how??? I also have a wireless router sitting in a box that had to be exchanged twice already as it was the wrong one and I can't get this one to work so I have a really really long cord! Ah technology, love it hate it love it hate it love it hate it! I think you should gather your things together and have a stall...perhaps i can give you a little corner to start with, or we could have a new crafters market...anything is possible!
Kiss Noises Linda

CkmetroPhotos said...

give it a go you never know what will happen Rose or put some in a shop !