Thursday, April 30, 2009

urban craft goodness, all for me!

if you have been following my last few posts you would know that i have been extremely lucky lately. i have been on the receiving end of giveaways and just because and pay it forward parcels. well on the eve of receiving my giveaway parcel from urban crafts i have also won something over at a fanciful twist! how lucky am i?? i was also surprised to learn that i was getting three things from Karen, i really just had my eye on the ninja but her giveaway was for all three things. the photos below don't really show how cutesy it all is, i am contemplating doing a short course on how to best use my camera...
before blogging, i thought you had to use store bought boxes or packets to send things but i have seen all types of packaging, this is a hand made/recycled card box. look at the sky line Karen has added, which also is her blog banner.
this is what it looked like as i opened it.
hand made card which will find a home in my cigar box for all of my blog pal cards.
three parcels (plus the hand made felt card)
here it is.... felt sushi, felt keyring with the urban crafts banner in felt, felted ninja *swoon* and the felted card.
isn't he sweet... so very very small!!
i have used this cotton reel to give you an idea of how tiny it really is.
thank you thank you thank you Karen! it is all gorgeous and will find a spot on our hutch. do yourself a favour and pop in and say hello to karen she has made THE coolest little phone holder.
and if you want to see what else i have won, head over to vanessas blog to see the corsage she has made out of coffee filters, she even has a tutorial for you to follow.
smooches %*_*%


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Girl....Run don't walk and Buy your Little old self a lottery Ticket...And me one too!
You have the luck going on alright!!!

Kerryanne English said...

oi...what's with all this luck business Rosey? Perhaps we all need to rub your belly for some of your luck to rub off on the rest of us... [giggle].
It is so nice to recieve parcels in the post - I bet your girls are enjoying it too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

woo woo whoody woohoo!
lucky lucky you, how sweet is that Ninja, not at all terrifying as I suppose he should be, just sweet and cute!
Keep rolling with that luck, Rosey
Kiss Noises Linda

Christy said...

Congrats rosie!! Enjoy your goodies! I wish you more giveaway luck!

bekimarie said...

You really are on a roll at the moment, can you send some of that luck my way pleeeeease.
Love and ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Aww, the teeny ninja is adorable! Wow, Rosey, you really are on a lucky streak! xoxox

Maria-Thérèse said...

A RED NINJA! A tiny red ninja! :o

babalisme said...

LOL!!! A felt ninja! How cute!! Aren't you the lucky one!

urban craft said...

Hi Rosey!
I'm glad the parcel made it to you fairly fast. You are a sweetheart. I'm glad your were the winner for all the giveaways.