Thursday, April 23, 2009

time poor... hard decision

i am sure i am not alone when i say that there are not enough hours in the day for the thousand things i want and need to get done. to be honest i cant remember my life before blogging and crafting. i am enjoying both immensely but they take up so much time and take me away from more important things. so many times i hear my self saying to the kids 'in a minute just let me finish reading this blog'. as i sat in church over Easter i prayed to god to make me a better wife mother and teacher and that is what i want to do. i have decide to 'un-follow' some blogs. i have decided to just follow those bloggers i have a connection with. i will not delete the others from my blog list on my page but just from the updates i receive daily. i just cant keep up with them all. if i miss a day i am way behind but i feel obliged to read them. am i sounding crazy??? do you even care?? i almost feel like a weaselly child trying to talk my way out of something. i just don't want people to think i don't love reading their blogs... i just don't have the time. i will check in on them every once in a while. OK i have said all i need to say. don't hate me hate the clock and my busy busy working, raising three kids and being a loving wife life. %*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Don't stress.
Blogging has very much been a "My time" Thing for me.
It is when I have a cuppa ,I never watch tv anymore:)
I love many blogs and read who I can when I can.
Our real lives,come first.
But keep it fun and don't stress.
Have a quick read of who you can and enjoy the big wide world Sisterhood of blogging.
Many of us are raising the Kids and working and completely get what you are saying!
It probley makes many of them happy to know you take raising your Family as the priority!
Have fun:)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! We all understand what a balancing act life is, so don't worry about people's reactions - your first responsibility is to yourself and your family, so do what you need to do. I only have a handful of my blogging buddies' blogs that come to me on RSS feeds with my email, the rest are in my Favourites list and I pop in for visits when I have time to spare - like the above commenter, I often make myself a cuppa and take half an hour out for a sip and read session. Take it easy! Bear Hugs! KRIS
PS Going to visit Lilly Linda tomorrow - YAY!! BH!

Anonymous said...

Rosey~We all sure understand what your saying.Actually I dont know how you do it.With 3 girls those ages and working plus like you said making things for Etsy.Stay in touch and dont fret, lol.We all will be here and sometimes we wont as well.have fun with the girls, they grow up to fast.Oh and hubby too more time for hugs for him, lol.Take Care!

Kerryanne English said...

Perfectly understandable Rosey - life is just so busy when you are a working mum, wife etc...
Don't stress about what others think. Do what is right for you and your family.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

LissyLou said...

I completely understand. I've only been blogging since Jan so i still have the blogging buzz!! But i'm sure i'll slow down as time passes.
I agree with your first commenter - blogging is 'my time', so i make sure i do it everyday, but i don't always read through all blogs, just pick the ones that interest me with what time i do have. I must admit blogging has taken the place of books and reading magazines for me - much cheaper!! xx

babalisme said...

Rosey dear, cheer and chin up! It's ok not to read my blog for weeks or even months, but this one post, you gotta see, you just won an award!! Yaaay!!

Hope I cheer you up!

btw, your angels are more important than my blog, so be there for them first!

clare's craftroom said...

The ladies before me have said it all . Family does come first , you have to do what you have to do .

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Now I won't read what the others have written until later so if I repeat something forgive me.
I have many sayings about wanting to be more 'life gets in the way' and 'sleep is overated' but the one that tops those is 'Family comes first' day you will have a much time to do whatever you wish for however long you wish in the meantime you can still be creative with your children and whenever you get the odd momment, emphasis on odd. Everyday living is creative and we will all be here anytime you want to look for us...and I know you will...hehehe
Kiss Noises LInda

Linda again said...

Ha you know I very nearly ( in fact I did then deleted it) wrote a PS. Kris is coming to visit me tomorrow...perhaps you and the girls could pop in to say hello, I will let you know a time if I find one. If not I will see you later, kiss noises again Linda

Linda said...

Hi Rosey,
Even though I have all my boys at school and don't work outside the home anymore I still don't know where all the hours in the day go, I think you must be wonder woman to be able to fit as much as you do in a day.
Cheers Linda

Kimberly said...

Good for you for doing what's best for you and your family! When you put God first, then Mr. Man and the kids, you will surely be blessed.

thriftymrs said...

Good on you.
Blogging can be such a 'big thing' sometimes and in reality not exactly a 'must do' task for the earth to keep turning.

I have scaled back blog reading a lot and now just dip in and out like a magazine, it has freed up a lot of my time and I feel as though I have grasped back some of my old pre-blogging life.

Take care and I am very sure you are a fabby Mother just for the record. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rosey, I completely relate with what you're saying. I also had to un-follow a bunch of blogs because I would sit down near my desk to fold laundry or do a few stitches while waiting for supper and if something grabs my attention on a blog I just get lost in reading and next thing I know supper would be burnt and B would be calling out asking me to play with him and I would have barely any housework done. So, NO WAY, you don't sound crazy and yes I care! Kisses,

(P.S. my word verification today is "rework" hahaha)