Thursday, April 23, 2009

that postie is waaaay to quick!

hows this for amazing coincidences... my sister narelle visited me today and as she pulled up, and Claudia raced out for her trade mark aunty narelle bear hug, the postie drove down the other side of the road. as narelle and clauds headed inside i waited to see if the postie would pop something in my mail box, but i got a tad distracted by the mail CAR that pulled up behind narelles car. as the postie dropped a parcel in my box (didn't get to kiss him cause i was distracted) the other postie (FEMALE) called to me to ask if i was Mrs bonser.... hell yeah lady!! so here i am one parcel from afiori *eeeeeekkkkk* so excited as this is my pay it forward parcel plus a bit extra and a big box from my godmother who lives in Canberra!!!! what is happening to me??? the planets must be aligned in some unusual formation of luck to this little aquarian:)
i headed inside with my slightly bemused sister and told her all about my blogging life and how in my view if everyone had a blog there would be peace on earth... i didn't open the parcel from maria-therese straight away as seasoned bloggers know photos of all packaging are a must!
instead i opened the box from my kuma lidija (croatian word for godmother is kuma) and inside were treats for my girls... sets of three books, colouring books, jewelery, pencils, and heaps of dvds of shirley temple!! it makes me wonder whether she is secretly following my blog. the parcel was perfect. the photos show it all...
this is it! a Disney classic each colouring, painting and sticker books. dvds of movies she remembered watching when she was younger... curly girl just like mine:)
and a pencil case full of girly treasures. i have actually claimed the pencil case for myself to store some gorgeous pens i bought myself a while ago.
she also included some writing and a dvd of her husbands life that will no doubt make me cry, he was a great writer and teacher of music. thank you kuma, i am not sure if you read this but your spontaneous generosity over the years is an unexpected treat, the girls think you are like mrs claus!!
now i knew that i was getting a parcel from maria-therese before i was in her pay it forward set, but after i joined her PIF she emailed to say she would add a little extra... wait for it... it really is lovely.
isn't it beautifully presented??? and yes that is a Polaroid, apart from making mixed paper/media journals she takes and develops her own photographic art. simple colours of white pinks and reds which are reflected in the orchids.... and she knows of my love of birds, not sure if she has intended a book for each of the girls and the larger as mine? if so i will hold onto them until they are old enough to appreciate their worth. my photos don't do them justice. head over to her blog to see her shop. you can see the mix of pages but you cant tell how small it is, it is literally the size of your palm! perfect to keep beside the bed to jot down thoughts or keep it in your purse or pocket when out. it is really going to be hard to write in them.. but i also feel like i need to.
my photo does not show the true colour of this one, it is exquisite and i want to say favourite but i love it all so much.
by now maria-therese is probably having a heart attack saying 'what about the rest?'... luckily i didn't throw out the envelope. hours later the baby started to tear the envelope and Mia stopped her and looked inside and found this... another tiny book and two SCRUMPTIOUS tiny photos. really just spectacular and i feel privileged to have them. isn't this beautiful. mixed media at its finest. i am not going to unwrap the last little book it is so sweet just like that. Claudia was hovering around me the whole time i was photographing this and her favourite thing out of all this loveliness was this little fellow... the stamp!! thank you maria-therese for this parcel, i really didn't expect so much and the beauty of it all is outstanding. i am going to make another inspiration board but this time it will have ribbon to hold photos so that i don't have to put a pin through them as i couldn't imagine putting a pin through your photo!
now if you haven't already... head over to afiori and say hello from me.
i wonder what will happen next...
%*_*% rosey


clare's craftroom said...

You'd better buy a lotto ticket , you are so lucky , yay for you !

bekimarie said...

Lady luck really is smiling down on you at the moment but I couldn't think of a nicer bloggy friend whomother, your girls must be jumping up and down with joy and Shirley Temple Dvds....Wow, you can't beat a good old film.
What truly scrumptious gifts from afiori, i'm going yo pop over and pay her a visit now as i've not visited her before.
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

LissyLou said...

What lovely gifts!!

Anonymous said...

Wow such lovely things.I love anything with birds on it.The girls must be really excited.Im going to visit afiori,have fun!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Yaay you got them!!!
I did include three similar little books, didn't I - for the girls or possibly to bribe the fairies in your backyard - and a larger + a wallet one for you.

"if everyone had a blog there would be peace on earth" - I love that! :D

So glad you liked the package!

♥ maria-thérèse

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey, good for you, what lovely gifts to receive in the mail.

Oh, I just Shirley Temple movies.
I come from a family of five girls and we use to watch Shirley Temple movies on a sunday afternoon and all dream about the life that Shirley had.
Enjoy you gifts.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Good greif Charlie Brown!!!
You really are on one Butered roll!!!!
Such great goodies!
I too am amzed by the blog world community.
Everytime someone does a Kind thought or email,I just think
Take Care and enjoy all you have been given:)

Anonymous said...

Lucky ladies! What beautiful gifts. Oh, Lassie! I love that movie.

Any plans to scan the colouring books? hm? ;)

nata_says_so said...

It can't be your aquarious-ness that is bringing you all this luck, because I am an aquarian and the only mail I've received lately were bills and the only surprises I've had have been mice getting caught in traps in my house, and they certainly weren't pleasant surprises.
I think you get these wonderful gifts because people love you and you deserve it because you are great.


Kerryanne English said...

Wow...what delights Rosey. Afiori's (Maria-Therese's) photos are beautiful.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne