Friday, April 3, 2009

blog held to ransom until madcow writes

not sure if that title makes sense but... this is for my sister anita who promised to start a blog this year. i am not going to post about the wonderful presents you sent mia and the family until you post your second entry on your blog!!!!

if you are stuck for material how about, oh i dont know, a photo of where you live, the view from your window, the spring buds on the trees, a photo of your chance meeting with fawlty towers star, the softie you made, the softie bird i made for you, the softie we gave you from lilly cottage, your cake decorating prowess, your cooking efforts.... god use your imagination woman and write!!!

to whet your appetite here is sneak peek at the wonderful sand art. we really enjoyed this activity. and the easter eggs look great but you will never know until...

please encourage my sister to write visit her at mad cow moments and leave her a message, with your help we can make a change.

yours in bloggy faith rosey


clare's craftroom said...

I'm off there now but if I get in trouble I'm dobbing on you !

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anita, make more posts!!!!

Oooh what pretty sand art!


Miranda said...

Anita !! do your blog... ha ha.. not that I can talk..
I am slack and havn't updated mine in ages !!
But I love reading your blog everyday Rosey !! xxx
Mirrr said...

I looooooove sand art!!!

Okay, I am cheering on for your sis!! Blog blog blog blog - B - L - O - G - BLOG!! ;) :)

xo, V

Agapanthus said...

Ok, it's done. I've added the end to my NYE story and you can go to my blog to meet my softie.