Sunday, April 5, 2009

have you seen jesus lately?

the funniest thing happened today... we headed off to palm sunday mass, stood in line with our palms waiting to sing our praises to our lord. mia stood opposite us on 'the path' and yelled over to me
'mum when is Jesus coming?' my eyes widened and lili yells back 'he's dead silly!' oh it is hard not to laugh sometimes!!! lucky i am paying all those school fees hey.
here they are dressed and ready to go. it was a long mass (1 and half hours) and little claudia was fantastic! she has had the best weekend ever.
the other thing i have to tell you is that my dear friend darren has loaded some wonderful photos of our visit to toowoomba. if you are interested in seeing them head over here to his photo blog and scroll down until you spot us!! i cant put the photos on here until he sends them to me, unless he tells me otherwise :) you know i am not that computer savvy. leave him a comment if you pop in he would love that.
ok off to do some school prep.
oh and i gave my sister her birthday present.. she loved it. to see what i made head here to my other blog.
mmwwaahhh goldsworthy


nata_says_so said...

That is so sweet. I just love the innocence of childhood. Give all three girls a cuddle from me.

nata_says_so said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Rosey, those photos Darren took of your family are amazing! I love those three he's pieced together so much! Wow wow wow. You are a beautiful bunch.

Kerryanne English said...

Kids comments are priceless and very entertaining. Well done with the extra long mass - my kids are much older and still won't sit quietly.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

bekimarie said...

Kids! Don't you just love them.
Your beautiful children have certainly made me smile today.
Big ((hugs)) to you and the gorgeous girls
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Thats to funny Rosey.I bet some at mass laughed as well.Thats a longggggg mass,pal Sunday mass.LOL.I remember the girls during the longest masses .It was funny they tried to sit and really get interested LOL.

Anonymous said...

Im back just viewed the photos.I love the ones in black and white of you and hubby and kids and also the one with the girls in black and white.Very nice photgraphy.I love baby pics,lol.

Agapanthus said...

Oh Rosey, you didn't last very long with the whole boycott thing did you? What was it, one day without blogging? Well I'm glad because you started me off on a coughing fit with Mia and Lili's little Jesus chat. Very funny. Ok, off to research camcorders for work... why am I going to central London on a Sunday for work? Cause I'm stupid. Will blog the rest of my NYE story and the one and only Softie when I return. Love ya and love those chickens. Oh also saw Daz's photos, I want them.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ha,ha,ha,I love that!
Kids and the whole Jesus concept often brings out some amusing comments.
Your girls look so pretty in their dresses.
We did a 1hour mass recwently and my littliest was hanging by her ankles over the back of the pews!!!
She truly is gorgeous looking with curls Like your Daughter but My little ones curls Hide the hidden horns!!!
She really is a villian!

Anonymous said...

Haha, your girls are priceless! God bless Mia, she is so straightforward, I admire her for that! I would have bust out laughing at Lili's response!! Hehehe. Proof positive that children are meant to be a part of the church community and that we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously sometimes. :)

What darlings to be able to sit through such a long mass. Thankfully (though I shouldn't say it!!), today's service was only an hour long so we got out half and hour earlier than normal. Phew! And, Brendan did a great job!!! The rest of the kids did excellent as well, they did a sweet enactment of the Passion. B accidentally called it an "enchantment"!! Hahaha. I am so friggin' proud of him. We sang some beautiful hymns too, even one of my favourites ("Were You There").

Hollypop's said...

Your girls are very cute, they're so unpredictable sometimes - you never know what they're going to say.
Enjoy your Easter weekend.

XUE said...

I still remember the day my toddler asked a very big man " must be having a baby!". He was not pleased & I was so embaressed! My toddler is now 11 years old.