Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sand art as promised

mia celebrated her 5th birthday back in March and along with many gifts, she received a parcel from London from my sister Anita. along with a flower press, body butter (which smells like strawberries) and perfume she got sand art. for those of you who are not familiar with sand art (which was me until a week ago) the following photos might help to explain it.
you start with a picture that has been cut through and when peeled reveals a sticky space. the idea is to peel off a piece at a time adding the chosen colour to that spot.
here mia peel off each section bit by bit and added the colours she wanted. looking good isn't it?
there were two pictures in the pack and she generously gave lili one to do. so as i poured the colour on the girls had to carefully spread it out over the exposed sticky part.
here is Mia's looking amazing... and this is lilis almost done.
here is the finished product, it even came with two frames. the girls have chosen who they wish to give them to but i cant tell you as they might read this blog :)
this is the end product for mia, we used too much blue close together but it is still pretty.
thanks aunty anita for such a great gift, love from pussicatti!
cant wait to try out the egg art!
%*_*% rosey


nata_says_so said...

Wow! There's a new hobby to try out!


Agapanthus said...

Oh you're welcome Pussicatti. And that is so nice that you want to give them away... I'll send some more home with Cherry's birthday present I think and enough for Chelsea and Hannah to join in. Thank you Rosey for posting these pictures, they look lovely.

Love you all.

Anita xx

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Well they just look gorgeous and I don't think the blues are too close together, they look just right...looks like you all had some fun!!
Speak to you soon, sorry about our playdate....
Kiss Noises Linda

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!I wouldnt mind doing that myself,LOL.Its great they are into art with you a fun time im sure.have a great day/night.HMmm.. im thinking its night there cause its morning here lol.

bekimarie said...

Well done Mia, it looks lovely and i'm sure you'll also have lots of fun with your flower press aswell.
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Swapna said...

I have seen a lot of these kits.. but these were the best and sooo colourful ... lovely

Miranda said...

Gorgeous !!!!!!!!
Speechless xxx
See you all soon..
Love Mir xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really great! The girls' pictures are beautiful. I didn't know there were kits like that, that peel away piece by piece. That is so much easier!