Sunday, August 16, 2009

blue day

do you ever feel low? do you ever have days when no matter how hard you try you just cant feel happy? you want to curl up and forget about your troubles but you know you just cant...i have and so did my poor mister moo a few weeks ago. so to cheer him up we... picked some flowers and put them into thrifted miniature vases (lili has a very good eye for pretties)
we baked some heart shaped cakes and decorated them with tiny hearts and
sweet words.
and we sang a cheer up song!
blogger wouldnt let me load the video but we sang cheer up daddy to the tune of happy birthday :)
so if you are ever feeling blue you know where to come...l
and then a day off work the next day is highly recommended to let all of the cheering up really sink in!!
hope that all your days are yellow
%*_*% goldsworthy


Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh that is an amazing idea! So it wasn't anyone's birthday but you put candles in the cake? Brilliant!!! This is exactly what one should do. I've never baked a heart-shaped cake but when I do it will be chocolate with chocolate, more chocolate and possibly mint and some kind of pink decoration and candles.

bekimarie said...

Mister Moo is very lucky to have a wonderful family like yours.
I think we should all make cakes and put candles in more often.
Big ((hugs)) to you, your gorgeous kiddies and Mister Moo of course.
Beki xxx

clare's craftroom said...

Happy yellow days to you and yours my friend .xxxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Awwwwwww...You are sooo cute and you two so solid!
And just to add alittle yellow...
When you said on my "blue" day bad hair day post that you would take my kiddos if you lived closer made my Blue day brighter!
And Passionfruit!! Yuuuummmmmmmm

becky said...

Ah so nice!LOL@your husband,he looks like he and the girls are having a great time.Men really love their daughters dont they?The cakes of course look to good, lol.

soggibottom said...

I will call quite happily.

Love the smiles around the table the most.

happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you. happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to wouldn't want to hear me sing, I'm sure you sounded heavenly!!!

trixi said...

I loved that last photo with everybody's smiley faces. I had to click on it and see it big coz it was so cute. One of the wonderful things about kids is you just have to look at their sweet little faces and you feel good.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Your family are very lucky to have you to make their blue days brighter.

It looks scrummy.

Agapanthus said...

Hope Mr Moo is not feeling so blue now. Oh and I couldn't help noticing the lavender in those vases... is that the one we got at Bunnings when I was home last? If I remember, there was a bet on between you, Mel and Nel as to who's would die first... how are theirs going?

Miranda said...

Your lovely family always knows just what to do to cheer someone up... ! You all ooozzee love and happiness.. :)...
cheer up Mr Moo.. :)
Love you all .. Mir xx