Thursday, August 6, 2009

my creative space

i have a new design to show you which will make up half of a part of my brooch order. (does that make sense?) i had an order for 15 brooches so i decided to make 9 babushkas and 6 kokeshi... so here is my creative space,
well actually i picked up parts of my creative space and took them outside as my creative space is in a bat cave and the rest of the table is covered in felt pieces, buttons, thread scraps etc... a bit embarrassing to show :)
here is my new design.. a kokeshi with buns in her hair. what do you think? it was my first sketch and it worked!! right size, right shape a real fluke :0)
and here is one finished front, next one ready to stitch and i have just realized i have one AWOL body... must go a hunting.
so these kokeshis will join these babushka beauties...
these little ladies will be on sale at funky fabrix soon. visit shona's wonderful blog and enter her latest giveaway.
over and out until next time
%*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I think....Gorgeous!
You are great at Sketching too!
Hey Pop by sometime...I miss ya!

Miranda said...

You are so clever Rosey. !! Love them xx
Mirr :)

Agapanthus said...

I have not read this post yet but was thinking, I would love one of each of those (maybe tucked into my Christmas card) but instead of a brooch, (I don't wear them) maybe with an attachment so I could attach them to my handbag (google image handbag clips). If Katie was happy with her mobile phone doll, I'm sure they would be perfect as handbag clips. What do you think?

Selina said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! I am looking forward to seeing the finished Kokeshi, they are turning out to be little cuties I think. I agree with Agapanthus -- they need to be hung as well! I think they would look great hanging from a set of car keys. Just a loop of ribbon in the top and Voila! Fabulous.

Debra W said...

I love them! You are so talented!


CkmetroPhotos said...

Rose these are really good - you are so talented I am so proud of how you have progressed !

urban craft said...

I love your little girls with their kimonos, perfect for ninja companions!