Friday, December 12, 2008

and the winners are....

yes that's right, both birdies are going to find new homes! we had a chat and decided that they both felt it was time to move on, so instead of one name i chose two names out of my tin. follow the photos below to find out who the winners are. all 13 names waiting to be folded
there they are ... who will it be afiori first then bunny!!
now here comes the tricky part... i am off to the coast for one week so if you get your address and which bird you prefer (afiori will have first preference if you both like the same bird) to me before i leave in the morning (13th dec Australian time) i can send it while on my trip. if i don't get your address in the morning you will have a parcel in the new year! as it is with the timing of this giveaway the post man will be so busy you might get your parcel next year anyway!
thanks to all you gorgeous gals and guy for wanting to be in my giveaway! i will have to have another one very soon. by the way i loved all your answers so all your names were in the tin, however what i was trying to get at was they all needed a trim. and they all have had one but the curls on the girls are still there just a tiny bit shorter. the back hair is another story....
we are off to the beach in the morning for seven glorious days! so it is over and out from me, see you soon. xxrosey


Bunny said...

:O No way! I must be having a lucky streak. Thank you, sweetie! I love both of the birdies, it doesn't matter which you send. Afiori, you pick which one you want, okay? :)

Mwah! xoxo

I'm going to have to hold a giveaway soon so I can share the good luck with everyone else! :D

Bunny said...

Oh yes, and what is your email address, so I can give you my mailing address? xo

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all the lucky winners! What a fabulous giveaway, I love birds!

And I LOVE your header!! That is adorable!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Congrats to the Lucky gals

Miranda said...

Congratulations winners !
Have a lovely Break Rosey and family..
Mirr xx

Linda Kiss Noises said...

Oh no....I didn't win??? Oh well, you lose some you lose some!! hehehehe AND you are going to the beach how perfectly perfect in this revoltingly hot weather. Have fun we will miss you and i will have a pink lemonade for you at Lilly Cottage on Friday night seeing as you won't be there!!!
See you back next week,
Beachy Kiss Noises Linda Lilly

afiori said...

WOW!!! I won?!?!! Thank you, this is so cool!
I was on a 20-hour trip to Stockholm and it's much later in Australia so you have probably already left. It can be my birthday bird!! (5 January).

I'd like Maxine, please! Even though they're both very nice.
Love your descriptions of them - and the fact that I picked Maxine, who sounds a lot like me, before I read them :D