Sunday, December 7, 2008

a fanciful win!

when i began this blog earlier in the year, i had no idea how addicted i would become to reading other peoples blogs. i guess i have always been a voyeur of sorts, (not as bad as my sister, sweet neet) but more than that i find solace in reading that other people are just like me. as long as what i am doing or feeling is similar to some people out there i am happy and not insane or rather Hussein :) the other bonus of reading other blogs is that you discover the most creative artists ever with very friendly and generous souls. my husband has commented that i spend too much time reading their posts but it is like a good book, i cant miss a chapter or i will feel like i am betraying the writer. most times i leave a comment because i know how nice it is to receive one. in some cases leaving a comment can put you in the draw to win something hand made or collected by the owner of the blog. ( i don't leave comments just to win something)
the packaging was so special i took extreme care when opening so that i didn't damage anything! original drawings on the front of the package. sorry had to remove the photo as i realised my name and address were on it, just in case some nut job tries to steal my identity!! on second thoughts if they tried one day in my life they would run the other way screaming *^_^*
a couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to win something from the extremely talented Vanessa from a fanciful twist if you haven't visited her blog, do yourself a favour and go right now, or after you finish here with me!
i have been dying to show you all what she sent me but have had to wait until all my school life obligations were over so, da da da da da here is the package of postcards adorned with her original art work. the problem is they are so beautiful that i could never write on them let alone part with them.
click to make them larger, even better visit her blog she has much better photos!
i love them all, couldn't possibly choose which i like more!
i think i will have to frame them and hang them in the space i am creating for myself over the holidays right here in my study, i might have to call it the studyio (he he i crack myself up)
these are silhouettes, aren't they just Divine?
fuzzy close up of the birdcage.
and this is the back, the space you are supposed to write on. i could not, i repeat could not bring my self to put my scribbly writing on this work of art!
on the left is her business card and the other is a sticker on the packaging that held all 15 postcards along with envelopes.
i was totally blown away to have won something and then truly gobsmacked when the parcel arrived and held such a generous amount of treasures. thank you miss Vanessa you are an earth angel.
i have been inspired to hold my own giveaway, i completed a bird last night and will make a few more items to choose from before i post the competition (that is assuming that anyone would want to win something i have made!) so keep checking in over the next few days for a peek at what will be on offer.
big noisy kisses mmmwwwaaahhh rosey


Miranda said...

Wow Rosey... I am going to have a look at Fanciful Twist's blog know.. what gorgeous art work !!
Luv Mirr xx

afiori said...

oooh, I love A Fanciful Twist too! I have her mermaid (the black and white) and postcards and some more, the trick is to buy postcard PACKS, send one and keep the rest :D

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Woohoo!! Oh they are way too gorgeous to use I agree, but just so perfectly pretty to look at and go aaahhh!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage ( of course I shall take the credit for your gorgeous self getting into blogging but none of the blame!) MOi Linda

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. I will have to visit her blog, thanks for sharing.

i cant sew said...

oh yes i should have given linda credit, without her own blog i would never had started. she inspired me to delve into myu crafty side so blame her:)

our shabby cottage said...

Wow, lucky you Rosey! I'm going to pop on over to her blog now and check it out! She is very talented.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about blog reading. I just love to see updates on blogger, and leaving comments particularly when someone has had a bad day, and commenting on everything else when I get a chance. Giveaway posts are fun, but I love reading the rest of the blog, that is the best part.

Congratulations on your win! You lucky lady! :D

Tilly Rose said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. I love ebay, I tend to see things in magazines and on other peoples blogs then I search for them on ebay.....been lucky so far, just watch peoples P & P costs.....