Saturday, December 27, 2008

where do i start?

i have so much to show and tell that i might have to post everyday for the next week to get through it all!!! i will start with christmas eve... after trimming dads tree we came home and put the girls to bed. we started a tradition with lili (she turns 7 next year) that on christmas eve and christmas night the children get to sleep on mattresses on the floor in our bedroom, we call them nests. once they were safely tucked in their nests and sound asleep, i madly wrapped all the presents while 'santa' assembled three bikes *^_^* we will have to make sure that we are a bit more organised next year because we finally hit the pillows at 1:30am. ( make sure you click on the photos to enlarge them)
here is our fire place with the stockings waiting to be filled.
all the presents wrapped and under the tree.
the last thing we saw before going to bed. three shiny new bikes.
as soon as claudia woke up mick went out to the lounge and started to ring santas bell which then woke the others up. mia started to panic thinking santa was still in the lounge... so after a little coaxing and much screaming of joy from lili she ran to the lounge to find her bike alongside the her sisters. there really is nothing like the joy of a child to make your heart soar, i will be sad the day they find out the truth about santa (lili is starting to notice things like tags that are the same as mine and writing that looks like mine etc..) the girls enjoyed opening all their presents and quietly or rather nosily went about playing with them. once it was all over mick and i realised that i had stooooopidly insisted on making my FIRST EVER pavlova and my FIRST EVER trifle.
now i love love love my husband but he has a habit of taking over when i start something and quite often the end product isnt how i imagine it to be. below are photos of his attempts at the hard peaks of a meringue. even though i was saying that the peaks needed to be more 'peaky' we went with his effort. even though i wanted to oil the baking paper we didnt because he thought it would taste oily. (bad mistake! they stuck to the paper)
the trained eye would be able to spot that these meringues are not peaky enough
this is what we were going for.
keep reading for photos of the actual pavlova and its best friend trifle.
after we could prepare as much as possible in the area of food i moved outside to begin setting the tables. there were to be 12 of us for dinner so i set about making name tags and making the place look festive.
i made us all a place name wrapped around a bon bon
we used our best silver for the first time in 8 years, it was given to us as a wedding present.
two tables was all that was needed, very cozy. the best thing was that we were all sitting down at the same time together at a table for once. and we all cracked bon bons together.
we happily feasted on freshly cooked prawns, a wonderful baked ham made by uncle mikey, the tastiest potato salad ever, roast chicken and tossed salad. after our bellies were full we all decided on our favourite bon bon joke and toy.
this joke cracked us up (pardon the pun)
this little bird balances on your finger, very small and very cute.
time for sweets here comes the pav... ready ta da
nothing like the picture in the book!!! the meringue was rubbery and the frozen fruit DID NOT look like it does on the packaging.
even though this looks like a bowl of vomit, it tasted quite nice.
we ended the night with present opening and family photos with grandpa boris. all in all a great night.
boris with lili, claudia, chelsea and mia
here he is with katie, lindsay and emma
mike, narelle me and mick
the three musketeers in their Hawaiian shirts.
we had a great night and a relaxed boxing day with a visit from micks dad and leona, her sister barb and aunty marg. now we just have to get through new years and it will all be over for another 12 months!!
dying to show you my presents!!! will post again very soon. until then enjoy the remained of this year and dont spend too much at the sales. %*_*% xxrosey


Linda Lilly said...

Hahahaha... don't you know you are supposed to test these things out first?? I know that and still do exactly the same thing like the year I decided to make a caramellised onion potato salad thingy and did it just as people started to arrive and did you know you have to cook those onions for quite a while and they smell like well onions and it is 400degrees in the shade and the house smells like onions...yeah pavlova and your trifle look scrumptious in my book and I bet you they didn't smell like onions!! I say lots of little things i recognise in your photos and am touched! I bet the bikes where a big hit!! Now I know this is an essay but..... we seem to have gotten over the Santa's writing looks like yours thing by writing a little note on the computer to each child about something nice they have done and that Santa's elves have wrapped all your presents in this paper and printing them out and attaching a bit of the said paper onto the note and then putting it in their tags....and they loooove their notes....OK speak soon, kiss noises Linda LC

i cant sew said...

i will have to talk more about this idea.... sound like a good plan. xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I just can't believe you mADE TRIFLE AND PAV THE SAME DAY!
And Christmas with kids is just the best!...
They do make it soooooo Joyous and crazyand fun

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! The pav may not have gone to plan, but I bet it all got eaten anyway and trifle is supposed to look like that - it too tastes better than it looks! The bikes look spectacular and I bet they were a huge hit! The best bit ... lots of family time and fun! That's what Christmas should be all about! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Kerryanne English said...

It all sounds absolutely perfect Rosey..the kids, the gifts, family and yes, even your version of pav and trifle. This is what Christmas is about.

Bunny said...

Hahah! Merry Christmas, Rosey! mwah!

What a great holiday post, I loved reading all about your family's Christmas. Looks like it was tons of fun!

Miranda said...

Rosey... your pavola cracked me up .. xxx
Loved seeing the kids in you photos !
Mir xxx