Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a small story

What is happening to me? for someone who believes in the philosophy behind feng shui, i certainly am collecting heaps of little things. i guess i am changing, evolving into dare i say it ' a collector'. i have always loved antiques and collectibles, just not in my house... the flow of chi is disturbed by clutter and things that are unused. but the older i get the tighter i seem to what to hold onto to the past, things that remind me of my youth when times were easier, more innocent and slower.
a few months ago we visited Montville, a gorgeous village of shops filled with handmade and collectible items and i purchased my first miniatures for the girls. tiny glass jars filled with sweet treats made out of femo or polymer clay plus a little male golliwog. now i know they aren't worth anything, they aren't antiques but they are so much fun to look at and cheap enough to buy as a special treasure for lili, mia and claudia. in my mind i also thought that this might be something that we could add to, perhaps start a collection.
one for each of the girls, i simply love these tiny glass jars...just like old fashioned lolly jars.
as luck would have it, i took lili and mia to an antiques and collectibles fair at one of the local colleges and found some more to add to our collection.
aren't they just the sweetest?
i even bought something for myself. (actually the male golliwog we bought in montville was for me so i bought him a girlfriend)
romance is in the air, the best times are had over a cup of tea *^_^* such detail, oh so small. she is a teapot!
here is the collection so far...
click to enlarge, the bubble bottle gives you a sense of proportion.
now all i need is a gorgeous display cabinet!
what do yo think? do you like our collection?
i would love to know about your collections... what is it that you seem to have collected (hats mir?)
i haven't forgot about my giveaway, i will try to finish off a few things tonight and post about it tomorrow. big juicy kisses mmmwwaahh


Anonymous said...

Love those little jars!By the way whats a golliwog?They would be cute in a little shelf in their room.I love those names lili and Mia.By the way are you greek by any chance?..Lets see I used to collect dolls. I dont know If you and I were following each other when I posted my dolls.I have stopped it got like you said a little much I thought.I also collected Boyds bears at one time.Not to many of them but around 20 dolls.But now the girls are grown. Im busy so I dont do any collecting now. Just enjoy the dolls in my dining room hutch.

Anonymous said...

By the way I didnt know you were going to giveaway something.Add me to the list!

Linda Kiss Noises said...

Oh so cute, anything over two is a collection don't you know!! I was going to go to Nudgee's fair on Saturday but was too stuffed, it looks like at least it had a few little treasures.
i collect everything that isn't tied down i think, I am busy trying to rearrange ( read find floor) so I can teach some little flower I know to sew her Christmas presents for giving....really looking forward to that. Shouldn't be on the computer then should I??
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosie! I think it would be simpler to list what I DON'T collect! I'm a bit like Lilly Linda!! But I particularly love collecting bears, pretty china, vintage linens and doilies, vintage knick nacks ... the list just goes on! Montville is just the best place to visit, isn't it? My hubby always shudders just a bit when I insist we visit there coming or going from holidays!! So many treasures! Your little pretties would look fabulous in a shadow box. You can find inexpenive ones and give them a shabby chic makeover before popping your pretties in them - would look great! Bear Hugs from a fellow-collector! KRIS

afiori said...

I had NO idea what a golliwog was! Always something new to learn.

I think I collect a little bit of everything pretty but not in a very organised way! I love pens, markers, paper, faeries, hello kitty, anything sparkly, books...

♥ visit me at www.afiori.com

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahhhh I have the fondest memories of Montville!
It is a place where I want to buy everything Big and small!
And Yep I reckon those little lolly jars would ve had to have come home with me too!

i cant sew said...

it is so fun learning about all your collections. i looked up the dictionary for the meaning of golliwog and it says: a soft, floppy doll with a black face. big kisses to all xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, what sweet little treasures! I bet your girls loved the tiny bottles. Collections are fun and interesting.

I collect foreign coins and teapots, as well as antiques from outport Newfoundland. My mother says that I am a hoarder of shoes. Haha. I also collect glass jars, rocks, bits of wood and cardboard. All things to paint on!

Though, lately I seem to be collecting a mess that should probably like to be tidied. :P

Kerry from Kallangur said...

What gorgeous golliwogs and tea set! :D