Thursday, December 11, 2008

giveaway update

meet little 'miss Selina'
you've met 'Maxine' now meet 'Selina' (Mia's choice of name once again). i don't like the stuffing that i have at the moment, it seems too soft if that makes sense. i cant seem to get it into the small parts of the bird like the beak and tail. to combat this i gave her a few tail feathers, didn't really solve the problem but she looks really sweet with the tail.
here she is showing off her tail feathers.
if you would like the chance to win her or her sister, leave a comment on the previous post (or this one) and i will draw a name out tomorrow night. no, no i don't know how to do one of those number generator thingies, sheesh you're lucky i can even post on the blog!! i will do it the old fashioned way and simply draw a name out of a hat *^_^*
i better fill you in on their personalities:
Maxine is the more serious of the two, she likes her own company and enjoys a mix of old and new music. she is happy with a kind word every now and then but can go days without so much as a nod.
Selina on the other hand needs to be the centre of attention, she will sulk if you don't talk to her everyday so be sure to pop her where you can see her. Selina loves pretty flowers and sweet smells. she is also a great admirer of tom jones and rod stewart, play it loud and proud!
that should be enough for you to make up your mind, they dont really want to be apart but they have to fly away from the nest at some stage :)
goodnight sleep tight xxgoldsworthy


Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

Hummmm....which birdie do I like better?????????

Miranda said...

Selina is soooo pretty with her ribbon tail.. ! I love Maxine too.. somebody is going to be a very lucky winner !
I'm already a winner because I have Rosey as one of my "Besties" for a friend.. Rosey's family is my second family.. love you all soooo much xx
mmmwahh.. Mirr xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ohhhh Her tail is gorgeous!
I love Chooks Fullstop!
My family are quite bemused by me and my girls...All 9 feathered friends that they are.
My Verification code is a nickname I had a s A child "perchi"...ahhhh Freaky!

Linda Lilly Kiss Noises said...

Love those tail feathers but should you have the problem again, I am afraid you will have to be cheap/cheep/cheap and the cheapest toy stuffing you can find is the best for soft toys and dolls as you can really cram that stuff in and use a little prodder thingy, I use the end of a paintbrush.
I do think that I prefer this girl with her tail feathers as you know I am showy and well, she id flashing her feathers but am not sure about Rod Stewart??
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Chelsea Ling said...

what a cute little bird!!