Thursday, December 4, 2008

hussein or insane? that is the question

kids are such natural comedians. i will never forget the time my sister took our niece ( who would have been 4 or 5 at the time) to the butcher to buy some bacon. Anita gave Renata the bacon to hold and she boldly stated - 'why do i have to carry the dead pig?' classic comedy right there!
well sometimes my little darlings come out with some funny sayings but this one just cracked me up. i cant even remember what i said, something like there's only three weeks until Santa comes and lili looks at me and exclaims - 'ARE YOU HUSSEIN?' i started laughing, she started laughing i even think Saddam might have laughed from his grave! what a classic, now i cant stop saying it, i bet it will be the next new thing like radical or phat.
this is what i call hussein (she is for sale!)
i have officially started holidays so i will be all over this blog like white on rice. i even think i might have my first give away! even if you don't have a blog you will still have a chance to win. better make something first to tantalise you with. OK off to smooch mister moo.


afiori said...

She is for sale? ARE YOU HUSSEIN! I'm not much of a children's person but this one is too adorable. She would even be allowed in my craft room :D

i cant sew said...

very very funny, one minute in your craft room and she would drive you hussein. #*_*#

Anonymous said...

Thats so funny.LOL. Shes so cute.If shes for sale I will take her hahah.I raised 2 girls now I have room for her lol.Cute blog!

afiori said...

LOL maybe... Can she craft? Maybe she will be able to help with my new business next year :D

Anonymous said...

I will give you 50 cents for her! I will even pay shipping. ;) haha

Haha, she is adorable, I can just imagine the look on her face when she said it. Too cute! Give her cheeks a squeeze for me. :D


Kerryanne English said...

That's sooooo funny and cute. Kids crack me up when they are little.

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

HI Rosey!! I just left you a comment earlier, but I guess it din't work right aaarrrggghhh! Anyways, Etsy would be a GREAT place for your to sell all your little handmade softies and other goodies. Check it
It's FREE to have a shop and $0.20 to list an item, and a percentage once it sells, but I don't remember how much. Etsy is a great place to buy handmade goodies too---even if you don't want to sell. Then you can link it to your blog for free too. Let me know what you think!! Have a great weekend! mmmmwwwwaaahhhhh Stacey

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh this cracked me up but somehow lost translation to dear Husband...I so thought it was funny. We would also like to buy one incredibly gorgeous girl but only if you take a 7 day return ( just in case)
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.