Sunday, March 22, 2009

rewind one day

my curly girl turned 5 yesterday!! to be honest i think she actually looks older too... i was too tired to post about this last night because we got home after 8:30 and then we got a lovely phone call from my sister anita who is in london at the moment (has been for the last 4 years). so by the time i went to bed it was after 11 AGAIN. we love parties and even though this wasnt a 'school friends' party we still had a blast with family and close friends (well we call juls aunty and lili is convinced that her girls are our cousins).
it began as all our birthdays do... on our bed for the opening of the presents.
claudia gave her the tinkerbell dvd, we gave her a softies making kit and magic 100 words chart and lili gave her something collectible that mia has had her eye on since early january.
the look of excitement says it all.
it is so pretty, it opens up to hold small treaures.
this close up gives you more of an idea, lili bought it with her own money such a sweet sister.
we also gave her an mp3 player, i know it seems excessive for a 5 year old but it was on sale for $50 and she is very musical and has natural rhythm so we hope to harness that talent.
here is a photo of her presents but of course she was spoiled at the party too, not to mention the cards, money and love from her mama and pa from highfields and my gorgeous friend andrea who never forgets my girls.
we had a relaxing morning of baking and preparing to go over to my fathers for an afternoon tea. well relaxing is not quite the feeling i was experiencing when this happened.
i have a feeling our oven needs recalibrating cause this was 160 degrees for 40mins...
anyhow i turned it over and this is what i had to work with.
i was happy with the end product but i cant change the fact that it will be a very dry cake! it is so easy to make a cake look good with all the little things you can buy these days. (click on it to get a better look)
after all the hard work i found the birthday girl passed out on the couch, still clutching her precious bird. god i love her!!!
well after the little nap we headed over to my fathers house which seems to be party central. he has a wonderful yard, foxtel, air conditioning and a very relaxed atmosphere. the children played...
look at that luscious garden.
ate custard tart, mini cupcakes, party food, actually i dont think the youngest two stopped eating the whole time :)
and finally ate that dry but pretty birthday cake!!
we partied on and finished the night with pizza, yummmm. even though he didnt lift a finger the party would not have been the same without grandpa boris and his anything goes policy.
he just loves all his family big and small!!
now if you can bear a bit more.... here are some things i want to tell you mia just in case this stays around long enough to see it.
mia you make me so happy, i miss you now that you are in prep and not by my side. you are so clever, i cant believe that you are trying to read lilis home readers and now have started your own sight words. today you counted to 100! your laugh is infectious. not one day goes by without someone mentioning your beautiful curly hair. i love your crooked teeth but how do i get you to stop sucking your thumb? you are a great dancer. you are a natural comic. you are a loving sister and you give good kisses. you have a determined streak, spunk some would say. everyone that spends time with you says you are delightful. you are going to make a mark on this world!! mia rose i love you now and forever. kisses mummy
happy birthday mia moo and thanks to all that made it so special.
time for me to put that crazy claudia to bed and then my real work begins.
%*_*% rosey


bekimarie said...

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' sweey Mia and what a lovely day you had. Lovely pressies too, lucky, lucky girl!

Happy Mothers Day to Mummy!

Takae care
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh happy birthday for yesterday Mia!! looks like a lovely day was had by all and a very yummy looking cake !!!
sending birthday hugs from England for you :-)

Miranda said...

Oh Happy Birthday Mia.. I'm so sad I've been so busy and caught up with this crazy week I've had - I forgot to wish Mia a happy birthday !! Kisses and Hugs..
Love you Mia..
Love Mir xx
Ps: My last day at CBA was on Friday.. was a bit sad ..:(
talk soon xxx
Mirr xx

sesga loves 1950s said...

Happy Birthday to Mia ,She is sooooooooooooooo Cute .
All the way from Wales
Sesga x

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Mia!Such a cute girl.Well they all are,LOOL.I loved the cake looks really different with all the litle things on top.Did I see little dolls on there too?By the way,that bird is gorgeous.What a special gift.Lots of glitz and love the shade of music player I have to laugh my girls wanted things like that and I thought they were young at the time.they were 9 or 10 lol.have a wonderful day when you awake,Im sure Mia will have lots to do.Oh and the little kit you bought her was soo nice as well.Great idea for a 5 year old.HUGS,Mia!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and your parrot is just so so lovely, what a wonderful sister you have in Lili.....
Big Kiss Noises Linda

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Awww look at the three little sweeties.
She looks so cute and excited all rolled into one with her pressies.

Happy Birthday...Make a wish!

Nata_says_so said...

It was a lovely party, Matt and I had lots of fun, and we especially enjoyed the show that Lili, Chelsea, Claudia and the birthday girl put on, quite spectacular.
It doesn't surprise me one bit that Lili would buy her little sister a gift with her own money, that is one sweet angel you have, followed by a fairy and then the cutest little chipmunk around (wasn't she a lovely hostess to Chloe? So sweet).

I love you and your little family.


Kerryanne English said...

Happy birthday to miss curly top Mia. What a beautiful day was had by all and the cake looks fabulous Rosey - good save!!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Bunny said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Looks like you had a great day. Oh, another year older and well on your way!

babalisme said...

Happy Birthday curly Mia!

You are very lucky to have a really thoughtful mom and sweet sisters.

Love the bird!

CkmetroPhotos said...

like you all had a wonderful time Rose - Happy belated birthday cant wait to see you guys :)

Maria-Thérèse said...

awww they are all so cute!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!!!!! And that is once magnificent sparkly bird!

Thanks for your sweet comment - if you e-mail me your address I'll send you something cute!

♥ visit me at

Julie said...

Hey Roseleaf,

We had a lovely time at your gorgeous Mias Party. Chloe and Hannah thought it was wonderful and those cheese and bacon balls were a hit with our little ranga