Saturday, March 14, 2009

small 'treasures' bag in the making...

yes i have been at it again. i love stitching with felt it is so easy, so much fun and not a machine in sight. i made this little prototype last night, it is based on a coin purse idea but in our house it will become a holder of 'little treasures'.
so small and sweet.
the back is the pouch part where you could put some coins or some special treasures you have found in the garden or even whisper some wishes into it and close it up tight.
it is quite happily holding this little easter egg and will sit nicely in our easter display when the time comes.
i might even use those little claspy things next time although the velcro is easy for the kids to open.
the first photos give a better indication of the actual colour of the felt.
i had the brain wave of adding some ribbon so that it can be worn around the neck this morning so my next attempt will incorporate this ribbon, perfect match dont you think?
i might have to add some to my etsy shop. the etsy shop is a funny thing because i dont know how much to charge but then to post it costs almost as much as the person has paid for it!! but to be honest it isnt really about the money, although the thought of one day owning my own shop full of whimsy and chic stuff is always on my mind.
anyhow off to get ready to take lili to yet another birthday party, at least i said no to the disco last night!
mmwwwaahhhh rosey
p.s. thank you for all you comments on the last post. lots of great advise and support. we are definitely going to change a few things we currently do and hopefully this phase will just fade away.
*i must add that the coin purse idea came from a book i had from the library*


Nata_says_so said...

That is so cute!Great for an Easter present!

I will be praying for Lili, she is such a special, caring & beautiful girl who deserves to feel good about herself (so do you by the way).

Thank you soooo much for my party chick and little Victoria! They are both decorating my study very nicely.

And Lili's drawings are wonderful, give her a big squeeze from me. Does she know one of my nicknames is Duckie? If not, that is a wonderful coinsidence, if not a little of that family psychicness happening.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I so love those chicks!!!
Perfect unreal!!1

clare said...

What a cute little chicky !
clares craftroom

Kerryanne English said...

That's a great idea Rosey with the little pouch in the back. Love it!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

They are so cute for a little ones basket.How adorable.Have a nice weekend rosey!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh Rosey that is sooooo tweet...get it tweet...ah dear a very busy and long day already....hmmm maybe there is some chocolate hiding around here somewhere....I will keep my eyes open for chickens with little puches in the back!!! Love them, Kiss Noises Linda

Maria-Thérèse said...

With all the fees on Etsy (and then taxes) it's really hard to put up lower priced items! If they're less than about $10 there really isn't much left :-/
I'll be adding little tiny notebooks but not one by one, maybe in packs of 3 or 5. That's the only thing I can think of so far. Then at least you only have to pay one listing fee. But the percentage at the end will be the same :-(

Anonymous said...

Aww Rosey that is adorable! Yes, do put some in your etsy shop. I'm sure some lucky little kids will enjoy having them for Easter morning!

Hollypop's said...

Such a cute little chick purse. They'd make super pressies for little ones.
Enjoy your weekend.
Take care.

urban craft said...

oh I love this little chickie. Great for Easter. Great site! Thanks!