Thursday, March 26, 2009

scintillating stitches and bizzare coincidences

i work a five day fortnight which means that every second wednesday i have a day to MYSELF. yes you read that right, two kids at school, one menacing almost 3 year old at day care and one gorgeous husband at work. after taking my dad to the library and having a cuppa i left his house on a mission to hunt down this new shop i had read about in the local paper. the title of the ad said 'scintillating stitches embroidery workshops, supplies, designs and gifts'. i had been dreaming of this wednesday for a few nights as i knew that i had a date with destiny. i walked into this lovely little place and found four ladies stitching various items, mostly ribbon embroidery. i announced that i had been dreaming of this day and the lovely owner Jackie (not sure how to spell) showed me around explaining all that she has to offer. while she was showing me around another lady entered the shop saying she had seen the ad in the paper and just wanted to check it out. i said i had just done the same. she happened to know two of the other ladies and it turns out that her name was rosemary, just like me! we were laughing about that fact then she mentioned she was a teacher and i said i am too. then the ladies went on to ask if she missed dakabin state school and i yelped that is where my husband teaches. then they mentioned Burnside as one of the ladies husbands had been the deputy there in 1990 and i yelped again saying that was where my husband went to high school and would have been in grade 12 that year. and to top it all off rosemary mentioned her married name was Gordon and i almost fell over as that is my aunty's last name! how bout that for freaky coincidences? during all of this Jackie had sat us down and taught us how to do a ribbon embroidered flower and here is my effort... this was actually very easy to do and i can see it would be addictive.... this shop has a lovely atmosphere and she holds craft'tea which is a crafting afternoon (1st and 3rd sunday of the month) that cost $40 for the kit and instructions to make something and then a devonshire tea at the end. the first is on the 19th of april and now that i have myself down for my first workshop at lilly cottage i think i will have to do this one too. scintillating stitches can be found at 12 Dayboro Rd Petrie 07 3285 8254 after all of this i had to buy myself a ticket into this saturdays $20 million lotto, good luck to me!! on the drive home i decided to pop in to put $20 in the pokies (i almost didnt) and i walked away with $90, yes a tidy $70 profit. just enough to pay for my lilly cottage workshop and scintillating stitches workshop :) oh happy days last night lili walked into our study, here where i am sitting, to show me this excuse all the mess in the background, or did i just draw your attention to it? yes a plastic bag tail, she was so happy with her design i just had to take a photo and put it on here. she wants to start her own blog and call the things she makes ~lilipop's designs~ or something like that. i think that would have to be a once a week thing as i know who would have to help her and i barely get time to keep up with all the things i have to do!!!! well i am off to do the school pick up and swimming lessons, aaarrggg does it ever end?????? %*_*% mmmwwwaaahhh rosey p.s. will show you some miniture items we bought the other day.


Hollypop's said...

Sounds like you had a great day out, met some lovely ladies and had some good luck too at the 'pokeys' - what is the 'pokeys' by the way?
Like the little ribbon flower very sweet. It's great that Lily wants to start her own blog, love the tail tell her.
Enjoy your day.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh I didn't know you liked the pokies....yeah someone to go play with one day, crafting and pokies!!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!
What a good idea Lili had! She would have a great blog!!
Speak to you soon, Kiss Noises LInda

bekimarie said...

Can't wait to read Lilli's blog!
Sounds like you had a great day and how lovely to have one day a fortnight all to yourself>
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

A whole day to yourself...Wonderful!
Sounds like a meeting that was meant to be.
I love ribbon embroidery and wool ,I did lots of it when pregnant with my kids .
It was addictive!

Kerryanne English said...

Wellllllll... didn't you have a fabulous day Miss Rosey!!

I think I can see a new crafting addiction happening here... LOL.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Andy said...

Hi Rosey...I wish I lived a bit closer, I'd have to check that shop out too!...Glad you enjoyed your day to yourself...We Moms deserve those, don't we? Take care, Katie

Katie said...

Oops!...I just left a comment with my son Andy's name...It's me, Katie! :)

Unknown said...

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