Thursday, October 29, 2009

helping the water cycle to do its thing

~i understand that the following post cannot possibly be supported by science, but i would be interested in your thoughts~
i have been thinking about our dusty, crunchy grass for a while now and perplexed by the storms that have passed through coating everything in a layer of red dust. in an attempt to save every drop of water in our dams, the current water restrictions have meant that we are not to water our lawns and only bucket water to our gardens. this is a great way to save the water in our dams but what about the water cycle? how is it able to do its job over suburbia if there isn't any precipitation to soak up and turn into clouds??? (ignore the fact that pools exists in many back yards) so in an effort to help the water cycle out, my little family have been recycling the bath water. we have been traipsing back and forth with huge buckets and watering the lawn and mister moo has hooked up a large tube to the washing machine which empties onto the lawn as well.
now i know this post wouldn't stand up in court but you should have seen the look of surprise, happiness and satisfaction when we had recent thunder storms and great big rainfall over OUR suburb!! we are continuing to recycle our water and hoping for more rain clouds to form over our little piece of earth.
so what do you think, could our theory work?? perhaps more of us should give it a go, especially those living in toowoomba,(*wink wink* Kris). whether this theory works or not it is nice to be doing our little bit and makes us more conscience of how much water goes into our bath...
click to see this lovely rain (this photo was takena few moths ago but this is the sort of good heavy rain we had)
the girls have also been busy doing chores as they are both saving to buy something special. they need $13 each and have both saved over $6 each. they like to do chores but love getting that 20 cents or whatever it is at the end of the day...i often hear the words 'it wont last' but if they want pocket money in this household they are going to have to earn it. i don't mind buying tuckshop on Friday as a reward for being good girls throughout the week ( we never spend more than $3 each ). i took some photos of the girls so that i could remind them of their abilities....
lili vacuums THE WHOLE house without a break.
then the mopping begins.
the cupboards were well overdue for a wipe down, Mia did a very good job of this.
i insist on my clothes being sorted into piles before i can fold them, this is a very easy job and a favourite of all the girls.
there is no doubt in my mind that i could trust my girls to clean the house to an acceptable standard. they are very capable and keen as mustard when a carrot is dangling at the end of the line.
i will leave you with a photo that i found on the camera, an example of why the cupboards never stay clean!!
have a great weekend


urban craft said...

You made it rain!!!!
That's some great energy you guys got going over there. And you've created your own grey watering system. People in the states pay hundreds to thousands of dollars have professionals set that up.
I love what you are doing, you are an inspiration to modern eco families everywhere.

clare's craftroom said...

We bucket our bath and shower water . The washing up water is great for roses too !

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Baahhhaaaaa Look at those crazy Punks of yours!
Oh They would love here with my three...Messy shelves are worth a photo opportunity like that!

And I need to get me three such Hard working kiddos...
I would pay up to $1 a day for all that!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Rosey,
Hm, I should have made my guys work harder for there money when they were younger. Too late now, they are 16 and 18 yrs old.

As for the water cycle, well done to all your family for recycling water. I recycle as much as possible, but no one has baths in our house anymore.

CkmetroPhotos said...

great to hear that your rain dance did the trick !! - Hope you guys are all well have been busy with weddings and the like. Daz