Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tagged with a twist

i was tagged a few days ago and have finally found the time to repay the request. if you haven't visited babalisme YOU SHOULD! her blog is so innocent, cheery, creative, inspiring and generous. and she has the most beautiful baby girl that she gives peeks of every now and again. the rules of this tag are simple:
  1. open your first photo folder
  2. scroll to the 10th photo
  3. post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it
  4. tag people to do the same

the first 3 are easy but the last is going to be open to all who wish to play along. i would really like to see your posts so come back and tell me if you do. i think my sister Anita who is living in London at the moment would have a great photo to share (hint hint Anita, post on your blog!)

the first folder holds pictures from baby Adelaide's christening and this photo...
is of baby Jed who is the first son of my good friend Kylie. Kylie has two children, her daughter abi (my goddaughter) is 12 so i guess that makes for a huge age gap :0) and little mister Jed will be a big brother next year, a much closer age gap...

here is abi holding jed, sitting with claudia, lili and mia.

here is adelaide with her mummy sarena and her daddy darren and in the background is one of her god mothers jenny. (not the best photo sorry daz, but mia had the camera) adelaides christening was a joyous occassion, she is surrounded by people who love her little soul. she is destined to have a very happy, normal and blessed life.
here we are with my good friend, and claudias god mother, miranda. miranda treated us to dinner, dessert and presents... tag you're it!


Casey said...

fun! I'm going to do this too, probably not right away but I will do it!

babalisme said...

Awwww... baby christening is always the best moment to capture. Huge age gap does have advantages, free babysitter, anyone? But of course it's not always easy to split your mind between puberty and potty training.

Say hi to Adelaide's family!

Miranda said...

I promise to update my blog soon Rosey !! xx
I still love reading yours everyday xx