Tuesday, October 20, 2009

is there such a thing as spidergirl?

hello blog world...today i am trying my hardest not to think about having to go back to work next year as it just puts panic into my soul. i seem to be thinking about it so much that i am not enjoying my long service as much as i should. and working towards holding a market stall seems to be consuming my every thought which also puts me in panic mode because i cant manage to make enough and do all of the house work that i WANT to do while i am off. am i making sense? the answer is that i hold all the power!! i don't have to have a market stall this year...i should just take the pressure off myself and plod along. in my heart i think the thorough cleaning of the house is more important and this is a great opportunity that i shouldn't miss. anyhow, i decided to take a break and blog about some things that have happened recently. this menacing look is so typical of our little hammy
our girls school had the much anticipated school carnival on Saturday and like all good parents we took them along. being relatively new to parents of school aged children, i didn't realise the enormity of a carnival. we have been donating various items for the past 10 weeks in the lead up to this one big day. we purchased $60 worth of armbands which entitled the children to unlimited rides(such a bloody scam) and i volunteered 2 hours of my day to help out with the prep stall and the year 2 stall... well how naive was i??!!
the carnival started at 10am, i arrived to help set up the devonshire tea stall (not even my children's class) at 7:30am and set about whipping cream and filling little containers with jam. i had to head to my year 2 stall at 10 so that the mum could go watch her child play her instrument. meanwhile mick came up with the girls and he had already had enough and wanted to go home =]
i wasn't needed on the plant stall so i headed to the drinks stall and the lady was in such a panic and need of help i offered to stay and there i stayed for the next 2 hours while poor old mick wandered around and lined up for ages to get our children onto rides. needless to stay mick had had enough and by 2pm we trudged off home. i actually went back to help at the drinks stall for another hour while mick had lunch with the girls. i wonder how out of 26 families why on 3 or four could help out on the day?? it is over for another 2 years THANK GOD. here are some pics of their face paint....
this little one had a great time and chose to be painted like spiderman, go figure..
beautiful butterfly
another butterfly but slightly wiped off... next time lili will be old enough to go off with her friends and call us when she wants to come home.
it is amazing how exhausted i was from all that volunteer work.. but i had these goodies to cheer me up...
the lovely Linda from lilly cottage gifted me a bottle of scotch for my birthday and a gorgeous book full of hand made ideas for little presents and a gorgeous collectible Dorn wool felt rabbit to say thank you for helping out while she was in hospital!
take a look at this little lady (click pic to enlarge) isn't she just gorgeous?! she is the perfect partner for this dandy fellow...
i bought him at the bear an doll show earlier in the year and he has been ever so lonesome til now #_#
and they are great company for the little collectible lili bought...
she has such great taste in purchases. she used some of her birthday money to buy this little pup, cute as a button! a happy little family all living on my hutch.
thanks linda, you didn't have to!! working for you isn't like working at all. oh how i wish it were my job for real...
and the last blurry and not straight pic is of my customer order for some shabby Christmas pretties
not the best picture but you get the idea, one garland is missing from this pic and i gifted her a large heart as well. i am working on more of these each spare moment i get.
thanks for sticking through that loooooonng post..have a great week


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Wow you have been such a busy girl. You know what they say though, 'if you want something done ask a busy person' go figure but it is true.
Spidergirl is quite full of mishief I feel, but those eyes are gorgeous! All your girls are gorgeous though. Keep up with the market stall idea, creating makes you happy and a happy mummy means a happy family!
Thanks so much for all your help and I love to 'gift' you.....you like the same things I do...except for Scotch....I am a champagne girl myself.
Kiss Noises my lovely creative friend, Linda

Christy said...

Goodness did i miss your birthday? Belated happy birthday Miss Rosey! Hope you had a fabulous celebration! xoxo

i cant sew said...

oh linda i am a champagne girl tooooo...i can have two loves cant i?? i love the sweet asti riccadonna.. and christy it was a belated birthday present...my birthday was in february =]

Casey said...

You are so so busy! I don't know how you do it all :)

I love the face paintings too!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Cringe cringe cringe!!!
I am sure I just read my Life!!!!
We have the School fete on Sunday.
I am having a stall and Apparently meant to help for An hour on the sausage sizzle>???
Hmm? How do I do that?
Hubby has the day off so he can bring the Three punks along....And He is'nt one in for that!
He is already moaning!!!!

And Yep I have noticed there is always the same people who help....
And the same that don't!

Crafting ,Parenting and running a household is always a juggle!
I find myself panic sticken often!
Mabnbey I need to be gifted Scotch!!!!

clare's craftroom said...

All those pretty things !Unfortunately there is an unwritten rule somewhere that says the exact same parents do everything , everytime !This is my last term of primary school ever and then surely I can have a break !!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time.Lili looks very mature already.She lovin the paint I think lol.Maybe she thinking about the real makeup ha.Do you a nice day!

Kerryanne English said...

Oh yeah... is this not the same senario everywhere. I've arrived at our school fete to do my couple of hours only to still be there at the end of the day. I guess we do it for our kids. And I suppose all those missing parents are enjoying the festivities with their kids -unlike us who only see the inside of the tent.

You need to relax Rosey and enjoy your long service leave. It will be over before you know it.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Miranda said...

mmmwwaahh xx