Tuesday, February 17, 2009

37 candles and a mild concussion

happy birthday to me!!!
boy what a day... this tops lili breaking her leg on my 31st birthday. today began like any other birthday, the girls and mick settling in on the bed with presents and cards and handmade treasures. me oooohhhing and aarrring at every gift torn open by claudia and kissing each of my girls and my hunk of a hubby mick and thanking my lucky stars for the life i have.
my third charm, she is so sweet the bad lighting doesn't do her justice. here is my bracelet so far, another charm for mothers day?... and for those of you who don't know, i seem to have a thing for lanterns or pretty lights, and have adorned our hutch with them. so here are my newest set. i have to lightly spray the fabric with water to plump them up but you get the idea of how they look.
here is a shot with the night mode on. they are super sweet. i wish i could teleport you all here to show you my most beloved spot in my home.
anyhow back to my morning. after bustling around, we were ready to leave i was brushing my teeth while mick put lili, mia and all our bags in the small car ready for me to take them to before school care. like normal claudia was standing on the boot of the car where she waves to us each morning before she retreats into the house to get her gear ready for day care. i was sitting in the car and said to mick 'did you put everything in?' and he moved away from the big car to check. at that same moment claudia launched herself off and landed absolutely head first onto the embedded gravel concrete driveway!!!!
i actually saw it happen in the side mirror and almost dropped dead. panic mode, we all raced back in side with a bloody baby to apply ice and assess the situation. she cried immediately but then said 'I'm sleepy', she didn't fall asleep but her eyes kept shutting and she was very pale. mick rang my work and his work to say we wouldn't be in and we dropped two very teary sisters to school and headed to the hospital. it was peak hour so i decided to ring to see if we needed an ambulance. the nurse on the health line told us to keep doing what we were doing but if she vomited or fell asleep to ring 000. sure enough she vomited and we met the ambulance 5 minutes later. she had oxygen in the ambulance and i got a good look at her wound. it was a puncture wound about the size of an earring stud and DEEP. you could just imagine the gravel that made that wound! the paramedic explained that she had suffered a mild concussion and needed to be checked thoroughly.
anyhow after being admitted she had many examinations and observations and the decision was made to keep her in for short stay and only perform a scan if she got worse. the head doctor cleaned her wound but is worried about the position of the puncture as it is on the very bony part of the forehead where the skin is naturally taut. she put a steristrip on it, held in place by super glue! they had to shave a little bit of her hair too :( she was moved to short stay and made a slow recovery. we were discharged and made it home just in time to pick the girls up!!
there is so much to say but i think that is enough. holding her in the ambulance like a little baby again filled me with such emotion... god i love her and if anything ever happened to her i don't know how i would go on. it is the first time i have seen mick look so vulnerable too, he feels very guilty and had tears in his eyes every now and then. we have to wake her before we go to bed and again throughout the night to make sure she is OK and i am staying home with her tomorrow so that she doesn't get knocked around at day care.
we ended the whole ordeal with a piece of birthday cake...
our favourite ~raspberry swirl cake~ with very melted candles.
here is hammy, a lovely nurse put an extra bandage on top of the steristrip to stop the bleeding that was still leaking out. she then put a butterfly sticker over it to stop you from seeing the icky blood that was still leaking! she also put a band aid on claudias doll which also received oxygen. oh and the male doctor was blown away by her stunning eyes *_* and he was a little bit of eye candy #*_*#
so there you have it!!! a great way to spend my birthday not to mention spending the previous day at the doctor and pathologist as mia seems to have contracted a ring worm!!!! the joys of mother hood.
before i leave, here is a sneak peek of something special, i will post about it next. oh and this was my 98th post.... so very soon i will have a give away!!my valentines swap arrived today for my birthday!
if you have lasted this long
mmmwwaaahhh %*_*%rosey
p.s. the most freaky thing happened, the doll actually had a pulse!! the paramedic had it on to try and coax claudia and it actually started to beep a pulse aarrgggg must have been all that oxygen, he he he


Kiss Noises said...

Oh honey...Happy Birthday but I have shivers reading your story....oh you poor thing...you poor things!!! I can just imagine how you felt.....I bet you wanted to vomit right alongside your baby girl....I have the best birthday present for you...perhaps I should have given it to you earlier you might have needed it!
Glad that you are all home together tonight.....and as much drama our gorgeous children give us, we wouldn't swap them for the world.....that is why God invented blogging and hair dye!!!
Big Birthday Kiss Noises Gorgeous Girl......speak to you soon, Linda.

Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh my goodness how frightening!!!!! Poor baby!!! Glad it wasn't even worse :( :( :(
I can't imagine how scared you'd feel as a parent - I'm sitting in front of a screen on the other side of the world and I just felt my heart sinking.

Birthday kisses & wishes - perhaps you can have an extra birthday on another, happier day?

♥ new site! www.afiori.com

Anonymous said...

OMG !!
How horrendous for you all ,Poor baby I bet you all had a huge shock ,Nothing worse than when our babies get injured or are sick .I hope she is better now .
The joys of motherhood !!
Happy belated birthday ,You don't look your age I thought you were about 30 .
Love from sesga xx

Doda said...

Oh you poor thing. Those little babies are so precious - that must have been awful . I'm so glad she is ok.

Agapanthus said...

Oh Buddy, what horrible news. I have a whole movie of it in my head. Please, please, keep an extra cautious eye on her, as I know you will, for the next day or two... don't be afraid to call the doctors/hospital even if it's something little. but I'm sure if it wasn't safe they wouldn't have sent her home. Oh, it's times like these that I wish I was close because you know I would have been straight over to help you in whatever way necessary.

Oh, give them all a big kiss from me please... but not on the sore spot... one day I'll be home to compare Harry Potter scars with Cherry Liqueur.

Oh, and happy birthday Chicken.

Love ya.

Anita xxx

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh my I hope your sweet one is doing much better at this posting :) Getting frightened for our children is no small matter. Just remember to breath and give lots of hugs.. Happy Belated Birthday :)
You dropped by and asked about the Toy Society... There are all sort of toys made... just drop by their blog :) You can get to it easily by my link . They have a call out for as many toys as they can get for Aus, for all the displaced children due to the raging fires that swept through there :) I am sure your birds would be very welcome ;)
Thank you for all your wonderful compliments regarding my fledgling attempts at make dolls. I hope to improve over time :)

bekimarie said...

Happy Birthday honey even though it wasn't such a happy day for you.
I've just had a few tears reading your post but at least she's ok now.
KIDS!!! Nothing but a worry but so worth it.
I think you should have a belated birthday now.
Big big hugs to you
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh my golly gosh how awful - i had butterflies in my tummy reading that as can only imagine how you must have felt :-s
happy birthday though - make next year a bit less eventful i think!
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

Oh Rosey, what an eventful birthday! Poor little Claudia, flying is for the birds, dontcha know! ;) I do hope she and Mia feel better soon, and I hope you won't have any more scares like that any time soon either, Birthday Girl!

Mwah! Happy Birthday! xoxo

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What a day!!
Poor little girl and parents...Nothing worse than sick,injured kids,It just rips youer heart out.
Glad she is improving now and love her groovy head bandage.
Happy Birthday wishes to you none the less...

Miranda said...

Rosey... ! Oh my gosh.. poor little Claudia.. I have tears reading your blog.. Thank God she is ok..
I was thinking of you all day yesterday for your birthday.. no doubt it will be one you will never forget !
Give big huge hugs to everyone for me... I love you all soooo much..
Extra cuddles for my precious god daughter.. claudia..
I will visit soon..xx
Love Mir xx

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, Rosey, I am so sorry to hear of your little one's misadventure! I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and your husband to go through something like that. I'm so glad she seems to be ok. I will be praying for her if that is ok with you. For a quick and complete recovery.

Happy Birthday, indeed :)

Nata_says_so said...

This was the scariest post I've ever read. I think my heart stopped when I read 'she said 'i'm sleepy'...
I feel like rushing over there right now to help and give hugs. You poor thing, you didn't deserve to spend your birthday in a hospital. Give Claudia a little kiss on the tip of her nose for me.

Happy birthday again,


Kerryanne English said...

Well Rosey.... here's another birthday you will never forget!!
Happy belated birthday. I wish it could have been a little less stressful for you.
Hope little Claudia is feeling much better today.

Anonymous said...

OMG, how awful.So glad to hear all is well.A very Happy Birthday and many more to come.HUGS!

our shabby cottage said...

Oh my goodness, what a day! Poor little thing. I hope she soesn't ahve a big scar. my two boys both have scars on the heads/faces due to falls. It's a scarey thing. Happy Birthday too! The cake looked yummy! Kathryn. XX

Julie said...

Hey Roseleaf,
I just got around to reading about your day from hell. I hope the Claudsters ok. I have enjoyed meandering through your 2 blogs. You are so clever and your creations get ever more delightful. So proud of you. Love ya guts

Debbe said...

I'm so glad your little one is alright. She being ok and recovering is the best birthday present you could have! As parents we deserve a bravery medal for watching our children grow up. I feel that way everytime my daughter is thrown from a horse and she goes sailing over a jump. I say you deserve a nice big piece of cake!!! Happy Birthday and so glad it ended with a happy ending!
love and hugs,