Friday, February 6, 2009

missing in action

i hopped on the computer at 8pm to catch up on all the blogs i follow and it is now 10:40pm!!! holy crap i have missed so much in such a short space of time. i am so tired and really should just go to bed but blogging is good for my soul and the words that i want to say will fill my head and i wont be able to sleep anyway.
i have only ever heard the saying 'bad things come in threes' well i am about to fly in the face of that saying and turn that sucker on its bum. GOOD things come in threes!! this is the third year in a row that i have a class of angels. the reason i have been away from you all is because i have been getting to know my class of 22 (smallest number i had since my first year out 12 years ago). so far, and a seasoned teacher knows in the first five minutes what her class will be like, i have a very nice mix of well behaved, eager to learn students who will make my job so much easier.
ready for the second good thing.... i have had three different teaching partners in three years and they have all been the most professional, loving and dedicated teachers that any parent could wish for their child to have (other than me of course#*_*#). my new teaching partner has a motto this year 'no stress', it makes for a great partnership. how bout this for nice.... she worked the first three days of last week so that i could take lili to her first day of grade 2!! nothing is too much for her and she has each and every child in our class on her mind every moment we talk. we have known each other for the past 8 years, the only bad thing about working with her is that we will never see each other because we teach the opposite days!
the third set of three good things helps in so many ways. 1. i finally got paid (last pay, was back in November of last year, (thank god mick got paid normally), 2. i got the child care rebate yesterday and 3. saint Kevin, (as my dad likes to call him) our prime minister, announced that each tax paying citizen will receive a bonus of $950 for each school aged child. now i can stop stressing about the rates and micks rego, oh and everyday living!
ok enough about me, how bout an update on some of the gorgeous 'makey' presents lili got for her birthday... remember this?
well it turned into this....
she really tried hard... and i tried really hard not to take over!! only joking, it really is so very sweet and it sits on the hutch under the lovely wreath that Linda gave me (couldn't bring myself to put it away with the other Christmas decorations) and when i light up my hutch it glistens so perfectly.
here it is in all its shaken glory. she still has two more to make. i think i will have to have a go at one :) thanks to aunty juls for buying her THE most perfect gift.
and my gorgeous sister Anita who lives in London and has a blog here, but has only posted ONCE ;) sent lili this...
bursting to open it, days before her birthday!!
oh my yes it is a...
yes you read it correctly, a super dooper neato kaleidoscope DYI kit!! oh and not forgetting this most precious set.
a pen and pad so that lili can take orders at 'angel cafe' oh you people know her so well.
the view from the filled end.
she even decorated it somehow, Micky moo helped her while i was busy doing something mundane *_* she still has some magnets to decorate, a thoughtful present from her cousins in Sydney (micks brothers family) will post about them when she finishes them.
before i go i will share a few shots of that change table that we turned into a craft table and the cutlery holder that will one day be a proper ribbon storer. kerryanne wanted to see it in use so here it is.
not the best shot, it is late at night here. and it is a tad messy but so is the rest of my house!!!
i have dreams for this that involve many many keyholes!!! not sure if it will ever get finished, maybe it is destined to be a PhD (project half done) that little nugget is courtesy of this little lady here.
ok my sweet little peeps it is now 11:35pm time this little chicken went to bed. (my sister anita, who is a great story teller should explain the origin of little chicken people, a story of my fathers heritage and mine of course)
mmwwaahh rosey


bekimarie said...

Lovely makes, such a clever girl.

This was my first swap and I stuck to the rules and only sent 5 gifts.
I put a lot of thought into what I sent but feel a bit mean now. That will teach me for obeying rules lol!
Take care
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Maria-Thérèse said...

Hooray! She's back!!!

That was a lot more than three good things; I'm happy for you!!

Your kids get the. best. gifts.
Make your own kaleidoscope, are you kidding me? And a fairy in a snowglobe, that's about the best kind of fairy there is. I still think about those pop-up fairy books.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lots happening and lots to be thankful for too.
I hope my Sons Teacher feels so connected and passionate about her lil students...Particularly my Son!!!
He has loved each day bbut has a lot of girls in class and only 5 boys none of which he has clicked with....He is very sporty!!
This is worrying me,He is happy to play in the sport shed even if it means by himself....
But how long will that keep him happy andhe has said it gets abit lonely.
This is a kid who was part of 6 little guys who all played together last year and he was beaming just from the friendship.
Oh it is hard growing up.
Your little artist has done fab job of her water ball.

Kerryanne English said...

Thanks for showing the photos of your revamped craft table Rosey. It turned out great and looks very useful.

Glad to hear such good things are happening for you too.

Anonymous said...

I think my prime minister needs to take advice from your prime minister.

So happy to hear that you are getting back into the teaching groove and that it's going well!

Lili, you are so lucky to get a kaleidoscope kit. Have you put it together yet? You'll have to tell us all about it!


Kiss Noises said...

Oh you see nice things happen to people who do nice things......karma karma karma come and come and goooooo... oops sorry 80's flashback.
Love Lili's presents....have that gift list sent to my family so I can make some of those lovelies on MY birthday ( which isn't for ages).
Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Kiss Noises Linda

Miranda said...

Dearest Rosey... so happy to hear you have a lovely bunch of school children in your class... They will LOVE you !!
Really glad you are all going well.. I havn't found much time to do my blog lately.. but will do soon..
Love you zillions..
mmmwaahhh xxxx
Mir x

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! So pleased you've had such good things happen! I think the 'bad things come in 3's' is a bit misleading, I think MORE good things happen, but we remember the bad more easily. In a normal day, we might only have one bad thing happen, but it's the thing we tend to remember the most - unless we choose to look on the bright side of life!! And I think that's what you do! And it was great to see the 'make it' gifts your munchkins have been given! When I buy gifties for nieces and nephews, I try to find either books or craft projects - so much better than straight out toys that will only last a season! Hope you catch up on some sleep! Bear Hugs! KRIS