Tuesday, February 24, 2009

show and tell

i love weekends! spending time with my little family, visiting friends and relatives, avoiding housework (unconsciously)going to our favourite places and most excitingly finding amazing fairs or shows that are held once a year. we were lucky enough to have our local hall host a doll, bear and craft show and we went along as a family to see some of the what might be on show. we were blown away by the amazing men and women who obviously have a passion for this kind of craft. i am kicking myself for not taking my camera! each stall had the biggest array of bear or dolls you could imagine, it was very hard not to spend too much. they also had a display of miniatures and i think that might very well become a passion of mine! very clever and intricate. lili had money burning a hole in her pocket so and just had to buy something.
this is what lili chose... it is only very small it fits in the palm of your hand and is filled with a lovely fragrance.
it is the sweetest little collectible ever.
i couldnt go past this little lady...
something about her caught my eye.
she looks like she would be a fair but firm mummy who always made sure her young ones had enough to eat.
this rabbit makes me want to learn crocheting even more, (note to self...ring Gail!)
and of course as always i bought something for each of the girls
yes they are miniature toys, they are tiny like the size of your thumb and only cost $1 each! i couldnt leave them there.
so each of us girls got a 'treasure' for the day
i am working on shabbying up a shadow box for all of our miniatures.
look at this little carriage, it is so tiny and oh so cute!
nothing special about this guy but he was only $1 and i couldnt leave him all alone once i had taken his animals!
the best thing about the show is that i learnt a hell of a lot about the process of doll and bear making and of porcelain and china products. oh and that hobbyrama is in stafford and that is where i will find my miniatures!
dont forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them and enter my giveaway if you havent already done so.
have a great week
%^_^% rosey


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Ohhh Roseay, I love those little tiny animals...I love the rabbit too thank you for bringing him in to show me, but that little elephant is just so precious!! I adore elephants...and tinky tiny ones are even better and what a bargain!!!!
I didn't get to go on Sunday, too exhausted after running in and out of the rain....maybe next time.
Kiss Noises Linda

Linda said...

Oh do you like your new name?? One day I will hit the preview button first.Kiss noises again, Linda

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What a bargain!! $1!!!
That is so cheap.
My daughter would love that dog in the bag she is puppy crazy.
I can see her like the celebrities carrying a dog around tucked in a bag or under her arm...lol!
It is fun to be all together on weekends.
I love when we get Hubby home on the weekends,Not often but good when it does occur.

Kerryanne English said...

It sounds like you all a had a perfect day out Rosey. I like the pretty little minatures that seem to have followed you home.

Sadie Lou said...

Darling mini animals and for only $1.00 ea? What a deal!

i cant sew said...

i know... when mia asked the lady how much for the giraffe and she said $1 i just had to have them all! i was very lucky :)

babalisme said...

aaaah another perfect day well spent.. I love your picks of the day, i'm sure the girls will be excited with the miniature dolls! And the little carriage! How cute is that thing!

I hope I can find things like that too!

our shabby cottage said...

$1 each for those little toys is unbelievable - you should have bought them all for gifts at that price! And they are so cute - what a great weekend.

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, I just read that you bought them all....pity there weren't more...

Debbe said...

I love the little bunny. I would have to take him home too. The mini toys are adorable. It's so fun to collect tiny things, that way you never run out of space!!!

clare said...

Fantastic stuff , love the little pram !
clares craftroom

Hollypop's said...

Oh, they're sooooo cute Rosey. Some very clever people out there aren't there making all these lovely things.
I expect your little girls were really chuffed with them.
Take care.