Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend whinge

put your hands up if you are sick of buying fruit that doesn't even last the trip home before it is ready to be thrown out!!
being the good mummy that i am :P, i try to offer my children serves of fruit at morning, lunch and afternoon tea but the fruit i choose is less than desirable. soggy watermelon, brown bananas, tart grapes and flowery apples... it is enough to drive me batty. mister moo has an idea, he thinks if we all start taking our fruit back things will have to change! great in theory but just not enough hours or petrol money to do it. i took back some salami yesterday cause i paid over $7 for mild salami but it turned out to be very hot and i didn't want to waste $7.
any tips on local (north Brisbane) green grocers that are good value and quality? any tips in general?? and lunch box ideas are always handy too :)
now for a change of pace, i found this little chickadee at a local shop and was so besotted with her. i think she would be very easy to make and i might try it if i ever get some time. might even be a good classroom project.

ok off for a chat with my bestie.



A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yep,I know hat you mean.
I like vegies more than fruit and fruit prefer tinned as It at least is consistant.
But real fresh fruit you can't beat it if you can get it.
And we need "nude" whole fruit for School and kinder now

lexie said...

Totally getting what your saying Rosey. It is not only not very good but expensive!

So glad your week went well.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love fruit.Very expensive though.But when I get it,like grapes and oranges and apples etc they go fast.So I dont have that problem.But in the summer things do get a little brownish if you dont get them eaten up.

clare said...

Love that little chick . Have you tried frozen grapes? I wash them and put them in the freezer in little containers , my lot can't get enough of them .
clares craftroom

Janet said...

Drives me nuts too. I find supermarket fruit the worst for longevity (and ridiculously expensive at times). Not to mention what I have heard about their growing and storage processes. So even though it is a pain in the butt, I try and avoid buying from them. Those Tupperware "Fridgemates" seem to keep stuff fresher for longer but I rarely seem to have room for them in the fridge. A friend of mine bought some plastic bags that are designed to keep fruit and veg fresh for longer - she raves about them and says they can be rinsed and re-used. Around here, people go nuts for Charlie's Fruit Barn at Everton Park because they are super cheap, but I have been disappointed by the quality at times. Zonefresh at Newmarket Homezone is fabulous but can be expensive and is further away. I love O'Boys at Flockton Village, McDowall, their stuff is always beautifully fresh and seasonal and the owners are really lovely. They're not cheap but seem reasonably competitive. I'm also trying to be more seasonal although I'm yet to find a good reference list. (I'm coming around to the theory that all fruit and veg is not meant to be available year round, so if it is, it's probably not that great in one way or another).

Kerryanne English said...

We are a household of BIG fruit eaters and I now have to buy fruit every second day. It just doesn't keep. I have found a local fruiter that I like and I'd be happy to tell them on my next visit if I was unhappy with their produce. Thankfully they seem to buy well.
So it is not just a QLD thing Rosey - we certainly have the same problem here.

I want a People Mover.. said...

I get my F & V delivered by a company called slightly more expensive than woolies and coles, but it's fresh from the markets, great service, and it lasts.. it's wonderful quality and worth the extra few dollars... and you don't have to drag the kids to the shops - Always a bonus!

Debbe said...

Thought I would pop over to this blog since I read your other one too! Not too much help on fruit sources. Southern California USA is spoiled that way. Wish I was close enough to share!! But the bags janet was talking about really work. check out GAIAM dot com. They carry them.
Love the little peepster