Thursday, February 19, 2009

my doosy of a valetnine swap parcel!

last month i signed up for my very first swap. the rules were a valentine theme with no more that 5 items. i was matched with Kimberly of seashells and silver and sent her parcel off which arrived right on valentines day! her gorgeous parcel arrived right on my birthday! which really brighten a gloomy day... read previous posts to get an idea of the gloom *_*
being my first swap i stuck relatively close to the 5 item rule and now i wish i hadn't!! look at all the beautiful presents i received...
this was the first thing i saw when i opened the box!
this is the tin that held all my treasures, it is the sweetest vintage style tin i have ever seen.
here are all the parcels, i had told Kimberly that my favourite colour was yellow so she incorporated it to make it more special.
look at this banner hand made by Kimberly, it is so beautiful and i have it hanging right here in the study so that i can look at it ALL the time.
not one but two sun catching hearts!! us bonsers love dingily dangly things and this will be happy along side all the other pretties hanging above our heads in our outdoor area.
yes that is edible ink, the girls were very happy with all of the surprises but this is their favourite. we haven't tried it yet as i haven't stopped looking at my box full of gorgeousness.
and last but not least a kit of thread, fabric, buttons, ribbon and crocheted hearts.... i can feel a bird coming on oh and an embellished heart.
and to tie it all together a hand written note filled with love. Kimberly you are one generous sweet pea, may your life be filled with love and happiness now and forever more.
here is the space i am creating in our study, to the far left (out of view) is my 'little brother' sewing machine that i am going to use to make something for my give away.
remember the change table that we shabbied up? here it is starting to fill up with useful bibs and bobs.
and my banner has pride and place making my space really stand out. i just love it all
thank you once again Kimberly for your generous gift and a big thank you to a thrifty mrs for organising it.
by posting about this i have just made my 100th post which means the next time i post will be with a giveaway. i am going for an Easter themed give away and have something in the pipe lines, i am working on my prototype and should have something to post soon. in the mean time i better go and stitch.
mmwwah rosey


Kerryanne English said...

Swaps are great fun. You have received such a lovely Valentines parcel Rosey. The LOVE banner looks really pretty on your new craft table too.
Hope Claudia is all healed now.

bekimarie said...

What lovely gifts you received, hope you had fun doing the swap, I know I did.
I hope the little one is feeling better now.
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Hollypop's said...

Hi Rosey, great pressies. I know I did the same thing, it was my first swap too, and stuck to the up to 5 items thing and when I received such lovely things, from my swap partner felt a little guilty.
I think the changing table looks great all painted up with your bits and bobs on it.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a great parcel! I looooove the banner, that is darling. How nice to get it on your birthday!

As always, lots of love. xoxo

thriftymrs said...

I'm so glad your swap worked out. You got such beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

Great swap Hun !
Don'T feel guilty just enjoy .
Hows your baby is she better ??
Love from sesga xxx

babalisme said...

I have never been in a swap before, but yours looks like fun! Imagine sitting in your home waiting for a parcel to come, and have no clue what're you going to receive!

It must be exciting! (especially for the girls, I think.)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! Wow! I miss out on visiting for a few days and you have all sorts of adventures - good and not quite so good! Glad your little munchkin is on the mend and hope there was a bit of 'happy' somewhere in your birthday!! All of your Valentines swap goodies look fabulous, especially that cute banner! May you have a stress-free weekend to recover from your adventures! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Kimberly said...

Yay! I actually just posted about the swap, too. I agree with Sesga Loves 1950s: no guilt, just enjoyment! If it helps, I felt guilty about making you feel guilty :)

I hope the banner was not too bent; I probably should have put it in a little box by itself.

I am so glad you enjoyed your package and that it brought a little light to a scary day. Hugs to you!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Such sweet things!
And a sun catcher heart... that's what I want to have inside :)

I am super excited you're going to post a picture of your dad looking like a bunny! If he does I'll want to go to Australia even more. As if it weren't enough with the kangaroos and koalas?

our shabby cottage said...

Wow, I think I should have signed up for that swap!